Lovely Finds: Olivia Palermo {shutterfly by design}

June 30, 2014

Creative Director Olivia Palermo in her living room.
Shutterfly invited me to sample customized
lovelies from the shop in exchange for
an honest review I happily here of
a few of their resident designers.

If you are like me, you probably call upon Shutterfly
around the holidays for cards and gifts...but were you aware
our favorite web-based photo superstore has an alter-ego?


s h u t t e r f l y  b y  d e s i g n
makes custom and stylish home decor a SNAP!

Last week at Shutterfly by Design,
Olivia PalermoBrit Morin, and Michelle Workman
designed an inspiring home décor experience.

How cool are those prints above which are one
simple shutterfly click away?

The trio transformed rooms with personalized touches,
and...oh snap, Martha Stewart even stopped by.

Isn't Olivia's space romantically feminine and chic?

Can you spy all the clever ways Shutterfly magic was employed?
See, friends? Shutterfly offers a whole world beyond
just those groovy personalized photo books!

Here are a couple of awesome decor tips from Palermo:

  • Bring your personality into the home with coffee table booksChoose books that represent your interests, travels and passions. You can even create your own photo books on Shutterfly that incorporate photos from your special events or trips for an added personal touch.

Ummmm, how cool are these curvy glass art pieces you can create at shutterfly?

Make your home more inviting with floralsAlways try to have a floral arrangement in every space of the home. Use different shape vases to incorporate a variety of flowers with the same color value for added interest and depth.

See, learn, and dream even more right here:

Can't wait to share more Shutterfly by Design goodness
from these elite designers so stay tuned!

Have a favorite way to display personal photos?

Congratulations to Olivia and her groom!

Olivia Palermo, Johannes Huebl

Peace to you right where you are.

 Hello Lovely at times partners
with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. Great decoration! The room looks great! Gongrats to Olivia and her groom for the wedding!
    End of tenancy cleaners Vauxhall

    1. only this bride could get married in shorts and look this amazing!

  2. Oh, the projects, possibilities and fun!! Great tips from Olivia. Thanks for sharing this (new to me) source. I love those glass pieces - very cool! Have a fabulous and festive 4th!!

    1. the possibilities.....yes! endless. *cue katy perry* baby, you're a firework....happy 4th, loi.

  3. They are so great looking, she is definitely a style icon to watch! Got the oil and cannot wait to start using it ala Michele.

    1. so fun that you are game for new products, ye fellow product junkie and blogger of lovely. smooches. :)

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  5. She is so chic and what a gorgeous couple! Thanks for sharing this Michele. I love those prints at the top!!

  6. Shutterfly by Design! I'm hooked. Thanks for sharing and blessings to you,

  7. Who knew? not me! I love her though; she is so photographic. Shutterfly is great and I love the curved glass art! xo Nancy


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