Decor Inspiration: Fresh, White & Relaxed {Anne Ziegler}

January 06, 2015

For me, the Cali home of trend forecaster Anne Ziegler
has just the right balance of white and juicy color
and is a lovely model of a minimal, undecorated, peaceful nest.

Anne simply used pieces she lovingly collected,
intuitively knowing they would work together.

I may have to buy this botanical print which
features such a gorgeous pink:

This is what my place looks like too...stacks everywhere!

Anne Ziegler

How cheerful yet chic is her guest room?

So airy and friendly without extra stuff.

Swedish touches everywhere.
(Aren't the chair legs reminscent of antlers?)

I still love these lucite peekaboo consoles!

and here's a peekaboo at anne's inspiration board

Brings to mind my talented Frenchy friend
Dore and her collections of winter white.

chairs from Ikea

I can't even...

So many creative examples for creating a
peaceful, beautiful, humble, artful home.

* * *
And here are ideas inspiring me as a writer,
artist, and peacemaking spiritual seeker:

Artist Bo Bartlett's comments about working within your own temperament.
Developing new habits in 2015 from my friend Leslie's blog Gwen Moss.
The concept of "hidden wholeness" as imagined and captured by Thomas Merton.
Betsy Eby's gorgeous book featuring her encaustics.
Inner landscapes of beauty articulated with eloquent grace by the late John O'Donohue.
This blog post by Shauna Niequist.

Peace to you, right where you are.

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  1. Gorgeous...I too love all white ,it just soothes me like nothing else:) I love the natural wickers with white too...makes me want to create a whole room around that theme! Have a great day pretty lady.

  2. Ahhhhh, my blood pressure just dropped a point or two looking at these soothingly lovely spaces. Thanks Michele. Your lovely words are a pleasure, too. And thanks for the links - sounds like some good reading. Hope your week is as beautiful as you are! XOXOXO

    1. you're such a ray of sunshine, jeanne. i just love your words. :)

  3. Oh my that last foto...(gasp!)

    Love this modern country feel, the floors are wonderful, and the freeness of all white is so calming in an artful way.

    Love so many elements here, yet that last foto is something I would so recreate.


    1. did you see that the one image with all the astier de villatte pieces reminded me of you? i can totally see you recreating this. xox

  4. Michele, I saw this post come through my feed last night when I was in bed and of course I had to click on all the links. Wow. Laura's post was SO powerful. I didn't even know Thomas Merton expressed himself through photography. I went ga-ga over Bo Barlett's description of his wife, fell in love with John O’Donahue’s concept of ‘soul friend’ (will you be mine?), appreciated hearing about Betsy’s book and reconnected with Shauna Niequist, ( I have one of her books)
    And thank you. Really. You have such a kind, generous heart to include me in with such soulful reading material. But what a fabulous way to start my day. And I agree about Anne Ziegler’s house. It’s so happy looking.

    1. thanks for reading, soul friend. i also had no idea about merton's photography, and now i feel like i must go to see the exhibition this winter in st. louis! you're so awesome!

  5. Love it. That huge white basin on the table is amazing, and the chairs with fur are so pretty and inviting. I love her simple dining room and bedroom light fixtures too. I'm not much one for plastic, but i'm still digging the clear lucite everywhere. ... and the linens on her bed make me want to dive right in!


    1. those LINENS on THAT BED. i so agree. i think after the botanical print, it's my favorite thing because it looks completely indulgent and over the top luxurious while managing to also be humble. i still love my plastic ghost chairs--so versatile and comfy and fun! xox

  6. Great interiors, the home looks so peaceful, clean and with a lot of space,love it!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Michele.....this is g o r g e o u s. Adding the acrylic and the darker (blue) textiles is what does it for me. The bedroom is lovely as are those botanicals. For years I've been a Shabby fan but I'm starting to need a bit more in décor. It's like taking the fancy pink icing off a cupcake and using a dark glaze instead (I know I'm weird .. but shabby chic sometimes feels too much like a fancy cupcake) The chair with the sheep skin draped over it .. so pretty. Happy Thursday:) xxL


    1. i hear you about the fancy frosted cupcake. if it comes off as too precious and ruffly, it's not my taste either. :)

  9. Very beautiful. It's really fresh and relaxing.
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