{Celebrity Homes} 3 Beautiful Celebrity Kitchens

May 29, 2015


I have kitchen design on the brain today as we
are house shopping and seeing lots of outdated
(and in some cases, DISASTER*) ones.

*We found a house that needs a ton of work and will know
next week after the inspection whether we will call it home...
I will keep you posted!

Here are a few charming celebrity kitchens:

Patrick Dempsey

Meg Ryan

Lauren Conrad

Lauren just got married, and one of my favorite photographers, Elizabeth Messina, captured the beautiful wedding.

Elizabeth Messina

Sadly, while Elizabeth was away for the shoot,
her studio at home caught fire.

My heart goes out to Elizabeth for all that was lost.
I am reminded it is neither bricks nor beautiful kitchens
which make a house a home--truly, it is
the shelter of each other

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Michele,
    Beautiful pictures, beautiful words. A fire which I have experienced will stay with you throughout your life. Happy house hunting and I hope this one is the one.

    1. so sorry you know about such loss firsthand, vera. thank you so much for your loyal friendship and support. xox

  2. True words of wisdom! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. It is so hard to choose your next home and look beyond what is so visual and see the good bones, but I know you can do it and will do it. Best of luck with this next process and journey, Very exciting, and thank you for your sweet comments about our move and new home. Pretty exciting and exhausting, but all good!! happy weekend,

    1. i'm so thrilled for you, kathysue. i bet i will soon be very envious of your brand spankin new place as we dive into a bit of a mess! peace to you on your journey.

  4. Hi Michele...how fun to see these, love Lauren and Megs both great looking and great "working" kitchens. Wishing you much luck with this next chapter...it is very exciting, try to enjoy the process....and do keep us posted:)

    1. the dream phase is the most fun part, don't ya think? i will keep you posted, friend.

  5. Adore all of these kitchens!
    Ah the inspections...when you find out if you have a diamond in the rough or a lemon. We recently went through the same thing. We passed on a lemon and am now shining up our diamond! Sending good thoughts your way that you'll soon be in your diamond, listening to music and placing all your treasures in their new home!

    1. you're so right, charlotte. i do hope it's a diamond. i'll let you know shortly. :)

  6. Oh how sad .. these are the kinds of things life throws at you.. Very unfortunate. I didn't know Lauren got married! It's been fun to watch her grow up over the years:) I like both Meg and Lauren's kitchens. The farm house sink, open shelves, and I think that's a glass door refrigerator? I was on the fence about getting one. My husband wasn't negotiable on that so we went with a paneled one.

    Michele, I hope you are staying calm with all that's going on. House hunting and remodeling/building is so stressful. There are fun elements but the majority of it is list after list of things that need to be done and money that needs to be spent. We are still a work in progress and I'm so tired of it.

    Have a great weekend! xxleslie

    1. pretty calm here, friend. gearing up for lots of work and spending and tears that i plan to share with you. :)

  7. Just think you can totally redo a kitchen and make it your dream kitchen! Lauren is beautiful and my heart goes out to the photographer...poor thing!

  8. Thanks so much Michele, I love to see unique and interesting kitchens!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel

  9. I could live in Mc-Dreamy's kitchen, what about that industrial steal center island...also Meg Ryan's kitchen and the rest of her home is another great home I would love to move into.

    Sorry to hear of such a great photographers studio burning down, it's such a loss when a place one creates is destroyed.

    What kitchen do you love best Michele ?



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