Decor Inspiration: Tranquil Interiors

May 15, 2015


I think it's true the ultimate goal in styling our homes may
be to create a reflection of our true selves, yet I also
believe it's honorable to design for what
we aspire to...and for me that involves
p e a c e. 

Here are some visuals that spell peace to me.

Pam Pierce designed kitchen for Ruth Gay







Pam Pierce's kitchen
VDX-05-dining-area-pamela-pierce-sarrinen-table-french-fireplace-0313-lgn.jpg 500×375 pixels

I continue to stay busy seeking a place to call home.
In the mean time, I am relieved I did not place our
belongings in storage but chose instead
to live with them around me as they
bring some comfort:

our temporary living room

We are renting a small ranch backing to a cornfield,
and the living is much easier though I miss my
big efficient kitchen.

 view from the kitchen window now

our coffee table has become a little bit of an altar

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. I love the idea of designing for peacefulness. So necessary! xo Leslie

  2. What gorgeous and peaceful inspiration!

  3. Hi Michele! Love your new
    view. That alone is a balm.
    I wonder, did you always
    long for peace in your decor,
    or has that evolved with your
    own spirit? I used to wonder
    when I was younger why older
    folks liked "neutrals," assuming
    they were just out of the color
    game due to their age! Oh,
    the idiocy of youth : ) I now
    long for serenity in decor and
    the neutrals are my new song.
    Perhaps because there is so
    much noise in the world (in
    many ways), I love to come
    home to a sanctuary of sorts,
    with color now coming more
    and more from things like
    flowers instead of textiles.....

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

    1. i love 'neutrals are my new song,' poetic. white has always been my favorite. as a kid, we moved into a house where there was bright orange shag in my bedroom, and i may have had a mental breakdown. luckily it also had a deep crawlspace closet that i retreated to, creating a fort. i love visiting strong colors out in nature and then settling down inside with calm ones. i see the beauty of living with color when that environment inspires you, but it causes me to shut down so i like the peaceful white canvas to soothe and nourish bring me into my natural state, which is peaceful.

  4. Hi Michele love your temporary space!! I remember our transition before settling in over here! We did put our stuff in storage and lived in travel trailer!! I was in shock but made it. I hope you find thee perfect place for you I wanted to let you know I am starting back to blogging again hope you stop by! Sherry

  5. Hi Michele. I'm just checking in with you. I read that your Mom was in town and I was wondering how her health is...I'm so happy you had a chance to spend time together. It must be a comfort during your time of transition. Your view is quite stunning. Here in California you don't see those flat views of cornfields...I wish you peace on your journey to find a new home. Keep me posted, I feel like we've been living parallel lives lately...haha
    Keeping you in my prayers,

  6. It looks as if we are both in temporary abodes. I agree about having your things around you, as soon as we set up house keeping in the apartment it felt like home and was a much easier transition than we thought it would be. It will be fun to follow along with each others new journeys..


Your comments add to the beauty...thanks in advance for your kindness.


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