Hotel Inspiration: Zero George Street Hotel

May 03, 2015

I love this boutique hotel in Charleston,
a city I intend to visit soon.

Doesn't it look like something straight from Europe?

Such simple lovely details with just the right
balance of Southern charm.

Have a favorite spot in Charleston?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. What a beautiful find for a little gem of a hotel! Love following your blog! Have a great week! Jamie Herzlinger

  2. Picture perfect! It reminds me more of a beautiful home than a hotel. So fresh, charming and stylish. I'd stay there :) Hope you are enjoying spring, Michele. xoxo

    1. ahhhh, i'd love a white stucco home with faded blue shutters! merci, loi.

  3. Michele......these images are so charming. We JUST got back from Charleston and this is the look you see in the Historic District. I posted a few pictures on one of my blog posts and I can't remember if you saw them or not. You will need to tour one of the homes AND take a carriage ride:) xxL

    1. i saw your posts indeed! my husband loves charleston and thinks i will want to move there. we shall see. :)

  4. Yes, I would love to visit Charleston. These are the images I associate with this city. So much charm. And I do remember seeing Leslie's pictures and feeling that same urge to visit.
    Now. Back to reality.
    How are you doing my friend? You said you're out of the house and in a resting phase. I'm glad to hear that. It's no small feat gathering up years of stuff and memories and moving on. It takes a lot of energy--physical and emotional--and I hope you continue to pace yourself. Did you already mention where you're planning on moving? I might have missed that part. Being in transition was a surreal experience for me. Probably because it went on too long in our quest to find the right house. But I'm so excited for this new chapter in your life. Keep writing and sharing you've got so much to say. Wish you were closer, we could have some great talks over wine in my dirt-filled backyard.

    1. merci for the kindness and encouragement, leslie. we are staying in the area. surreal is soooooo right. in limbo, things are weird. and by things i mean ME. i wake up in the morning and think WHAT THE? strange times. we are shopping for the right property--prob half the size. i'm trying to stay positive but there is grieving that must happen. emptying nests are bittersweet. trying to picture us in new places takes a lot of creative thinking. thanks for your sweet support and for leading the way.

  5. How gorgeous is this?! May have just found our Charleston hotel for the book tour - love it, Michele!!

  6. Michele I have always wanted to visit Charleston and this hotel is so European in style and so charming!

    The Arts by Karena
    Bunnies by Hunt Slonem!

  7. This palace is amazing. I went there last year. My stay was amazing: services were excellent and the staff was very friendly, it was wonderful!!
    Wish you to have great time there = )


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