Decor Inspiration: Vintage Doors

May 09, 2015


My husband and I went shopping yesterday
in search of inspiration for decorating
our next home, and one of our favorite
vendors has completely changed its wares
from European country to midcentury modern!

So we didn't see the beautiful old doors you see here
which were mostly found on Brooke's blog.


van huele

image source

The above is definitely my hands down favorite!





Okay, no door in this last image, just a bonus inspiration.

On a personal note, re: finding a new address...OY!
Even though it is a buyer's market out there,
home shopping is a challenge since so many
folks are choosing to stay put, and in my
opinion, there is very little on the market.

We are open to fixer uppers
and have considered
new construction,
but I am not sure
we have the patience
for that again since
it took more than
a year to build
our last home.

I will keep you posted, friends!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day Michele! Gorgeous antique doors .. I can't even imagine looking at options like the ones above. I can relate to your home search woes. If/when you consider the fixer-upper, I can weigh in :\ We are still work-in it. I've stopped talking about it because I'm so tired of it. You just can't be in a rush .. it's a slow process. xxL

    1. thank you for your candid sharing, leslie. i know the days ahead could be weary ones, and i should just relax while in limbo. i hope you feel energized again soon, and i just know all your hard work will be worth it in the end.

  2. Hi stranger and Happy Mothers Day! Hope you are having a great day, and looking for a new house is an exciting problem to have:) Cannot wait to see/hear about your next adventure. All the best to you on this special day for all moms, hope you are relaxing and being treated like a queen!

    1. merci, tina. of course you're right, and i hope to share this adventure with you soon, pretty lady.

  3. Oh dear, don't you just hate when your heart is set on a look and design style and it's changed on you, it makes decision making so much more complicated. I do love these inspiration photos, that first photo of that naturally washed wood with the iron speak easy off to the side rather then centered as we soo most of the time :)

    I know what ever you come up with it will be timeless, and easy to live with.

    Happy mothers Day my dear.


    1. merci, dore! these timeless doors are so you!

  4. What gorgeous doors, Michele. I love the raw wood look. Is that considered European country? It's so warm and inviting. Is the move you're making out of necessity, or a "fun" move for you? Moving from city to country...? I'm anxious to follow you on this new adventure, sweetie - and prayers in finding the one that speaks to your heart!

    xoxo laurie

    1. great to hear from you, laurie! the move is definitely about shaking things up and beginning a new chapter but it's also the desire of emptynesters to live more simply with less. we donated/sold more than half of our belongings not out of necessity but as a very intentional way to feel more free.

  5. Happy Mothers Day Michele. The doorways are so enchanting, one just wants to see what awaits inside!! Thank you for sharing. I just know the right opportunity will come along soon!

    The Arts by Karena
    Bunnies by Hunt Slonem

  6. Your new home will find you!
    Loved looking at all the doors and wondering about all the history. xo Leslie

    1. merci, leslie--that new home needs to stop whispering and start shouting!

  7. Love the doors...i would think when you find your home the right doors will magically present themselves as the universe kind of has a way of sending us what we need or desire in just the right order...good for you for eliminating the stuff....and getting to live a life more simply.

    1. i love that thought, amy. thanks for all the support, pretty lady.

  8. Oh yes, house hunting is so easy feat. Your home will show itself to you soon! All of these doors are exquisite. Perhaps the universe is telling you to go back to Paris to find some beautiful doors to design a home around;)

    1. i'm gonna tell my husband what the universe is telling me, oui, charlotte. ha! i did find a house with door hardware straight out of paris--is that the universe talkin?

  9. The one with the flowers looks like from a fairytale. When I looking at those I wish to get rid of my apartment and start living in our old house in the countryside. Thank you a lot for the inspiration!


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