Decor Inspiration: Aria Stone Gallery

September 13, 2015

Aria Stone Gallery marble - Residences at the Stoneleigh

This week I MUST choose a countertop material
for the cottage makeover project which means
shopping for marble or quartz.

How I love them both!

from Aria Stone Gallery's instagram

Have you noticed how all sorts of chic
establishments are displaying beautiful
slabs of natural marble as art?

(from Aria's IG) Aria Stone Gallery 

It's easy to see why designers are crazy about
Dallas-based Aria Stone Gallery where exotic slabs
are displayed in an art gallery like environment.

Residences at the Stoneleigh

What sets Aria's offerings apart is that the stone
is curated from the most exclusive quarries in the world
(from Brazil to Africa to the Middle East).

Aria's unusual first-quality slabs
provoke the imagination of designers,
and the bonus?

The luxury boutique sells
direct to the public as well.

One of my favorite artful uses of marble
was Sarah Jessica Parker's kitchen
in her New York townhouse...remember?

Architectural Digest - Sarah Jessica Parker's former kitchen

I know a bunch of my blog buddies love Calacatta...what say ye?

Have a favorite natural stone?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Hi lovely Michele,
    Your style bounces all over the board, and we love your wide range view in designs you keeps us on our toes as to what's to come of the finished design style of your new remolding of your cottage. Beautifully inspiring here.

    As for Sarah J Parkers once kitchen, love the use on the wall.... Like the back drop on the guest cottahe home on the grounds of Tim and Faith McGraw and Hill home, sometimes can appear cold, but in there home it is amazingly warm and inviting.


    1. you're so right, and i bet it's driving you crazy that i haven't posted an inspiration or mood board of all my design plans and choices for the new place! the truth is i have to be true to myself as an intuitive artist who most often lets a design plan unfurl, who patiently allows artful objects to find their way to me, and who is more interested in creating an atmospheric vibe than spaces which fall under a certain style heading. you may not be surprised to learn that my personal life tells a similar story these days. i am stepping into a chapter which invites me into rest...that means not getting wrapped up in DOING but rather saying yes to BEING. what a gift to be able to journey and grow! thank you for inspiring these thoughts, Dore, with your beautiful soul.

  2. Michele I do love Calcutta and always have, so classic. It has to be your choice and what speaks to you though!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring India Hicks!

    1. such fine taste you have, karena! so many of the different stones speak to me! i will keep you posted on the choice very soon. peace to you, loyal friend.

  3. Calcutta, feels to grande for a cottage style home, IMHO. I looked at it for my last kitchen remodel. It just said way to much for me. I Chose carrara, but for the new home I chose Arizona Tiles Lyskamm quartz. I also love a Quartzite, Macabus, it is stunning and easier to maintain than marble.

    1. i know what you mean, kathysue. the veining in calacatta has such broad strokes, and in my small kitchen, i don't think it's the best fit. i am also leaning toward quartz, knowing that we may not be here forever and in this neck of the woods, people like quartz more than natural marble so for resale it may fit the bill. thanks for the info, friend!

  4. Hello dear Michele,
    OMG, I just love that first picture here!!
    As you I love so many stones and I wanted I got enough projects to use them all! :) Calacatta is a wonderful stone and I used it once for a more contemporary kitchen. Go for the stone of which you feel that is right this cottage project! Warm regards, xoxo Greet

    1. thanks for your thoughts, beautiful Greet. how i wish you were making the decisions for this cottage makeover and not me! peace to you.

  5. Replies
    1. hi pippa! that is a winning trio of virtues you just named!

  6. Michele I can SO relate to your thoughts on decorating you described to Dore. I know that I begin to feel antsy when I feel as if my choices are merely 'following' a particular school of design or style. Personally, taking time helps me distinguish between the different forms of beauty I enjoy and the look of beauty I want to live my daily life around. For an artist such as yourself creating a specific vibe through color and texture--would be really important to you. I'm so excited to see what surfaces you decide to go with.
    Also---a big hug to you for your wise and supportive comments on my yoga post. You're awesome.


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