Artist Inspiration: Malik Saaka {tiny dancers}

November 23, 2010

d i v i n e
a r t i s t r y

malik saaka

may take you by surprise.

Emerging artist Malik
is a full time college student,
and it was my honor to
shhhhhh! score a sneak peek
of his collection
before a recent exhibition.

I'm sure you haven't noticed,
but hiding delight
is not a special talent of mine. 
So I may have moaned
'kill me now'
or punched Malik
hard in the gut
(chances are good I chanted
dreeeeaaamy an annoying
number of times).

"I can tell you right now that my creative process is one of obsession, and I get pretty incensed when I work."

I can tell you right now Malik is brilliant.

Inquire about 
his engaging inventory
or commission a work

Personality! Tiny feet!

I'm totally shutting up.

all images - Malik Saaka

Love your work,'s gonna change the world.

Peace to you right where you are.

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