Decor Inspiration: English Country

March 29, 2011

lookie lookie what Atlanta Bartlett did with foster house!

*insert English accent here*

I fear a bloodbath is imminent
so I'll ask all of you to please please
put down the sword...

Don't do it for me...
a lowly hormonally imbalanced blogster.
Do it for the sake of
impractical white floors and cushions!

Welcome to today's
f o s t e r house vs. h a w k e ' s house

Let's be civil in battle this time 'round.
need i remind you of the violent grotesque melee 
which erupted when last i pitted sweet southern
cali cottage against swede southern cali cottage?

****Both are stunning properties.****
Both are available for photo shoots via First Option.
****Both are deliciously neutral.****

And YET only ONE may WIN.

could you dream sweet dreams at foster house?

Focus now.

wouldn't it be cool if you leased this First Option property called foster house for vacation
but there was a mixup as Robert Pattinson and Hugh Laurie also booked
it that week and so naturally you all made do and became best friends,
mainly told vampire jokes, ate white stilton, and sang karaoke that week? 

Try not to be distracted by my twisted imagination
and Jedi mind tricks.
Let the force guide you as you choose.

ahhhhh. notice the simplicity and symmetry at hawke's.

Charmed by Hawke's
exquisite kitchen???

Truly it's my idea of

uh-oh. floor crush at hawke's.

Let's not become overly emotional.
Simply re-focus and continue this contest with grace.

With maturity.

i refuse to say i'm cuckoo for hawke's entry. refuse.
i'm cuckoo! cuckoo! cuckoo!

Maturity is overrated.
Maybe next time.

*insert southern drawl*
hot damn, hawke's.

Which Brit wins it for you?

Peace to you right where you are.

like you, i have zero clue as to how
Star Wars references relate to 

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  1. That was one funny post. They both draw even for me. If I could put the two together, then halve them, it would be my perfect home.

    So agree with you about maturity. Let the child within be free I say!

  2. They're all beautiful images and no matter who wins we all win.

  3. Oh my you are too funny!!!
    I loving that table in the main room!
    And that bedroom........ohhh my!!

  4. For me, Foster wins - more shabby chic for me. But I love the playful pink getaway car by the staircase :)

  5. LOVE them both - there is NO way we could choose!!

    We're dropping by from Good Life Wednesday and are enthusiastically following your blog now. :O) Please come by and visit us sometime -

  6. Hahaha, the chicken dance!

    This is a TOUGH battle! I love them both! However, as you say, there can only be one winner. So, after very long deliberation and weighing everything up, I am going to vote for.....

    >>suspense... point camera to individual faces... drum roll...<<

    The Foster House! Yes, despite the impractical (but beautiful) white floors. The rustic dining table tipped the balance for me.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments and friendship, sweet lady.

    Can't tell you how much I love my daily fix of all this lovely you share!

    Meera xx

  7. like your sense of humour and sense of style - beautiful collection of white rooms

  8. Foster. Definitely Foster. Fun post! Visiting from WW.


  9. I'm so torn. I think I go for Foster. Although I did notice that Hawke's has the same Jan Constantine cushion as me so that nearly swung it their way.

    Maybe my answer should be neither. Yup. I choose neither. Neither of them are quite good enough for meeeeeeeeee!

    There now - didn't expect that, did you, missy?!!


  10. Foster! but, i was almost swayed (much like sarah@modern country style) by the union jack cushion alone at Hawke's. your posts are the most hilarious that i have read in all of blogland!! love your sense of humor, you whack-a-doodle (yes, that's a term of endearment)!
    are you going to Kane County this weekend??


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