Hotel Inspiration: Waldorf Astoria Chicago

March 22, 2011

Wanted to share a few peeks
of  the
E l y s i a n   H o t e l

in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood.

I escaped here for a few days last week
to relax and review the Elysian's heavenly spa
for an article I'm writing.

My sister was frightened by these enormous
sculptures in the lobby, but I imagined them
as hospitable guardians made of peanut butter fudge.

The staff  at the hotel were the finest
I have ever encountered.

The entrance to our incredible digs,

The suite was sophisticated, luxe,
spacious (1250 square feet),
full of design inspiration.

More Elysian goodness is here.

We loved having a fire in the impeccably
furnished living room.

The walls were a french grey hue,
and the suite's palette lifted my mood immediately.

We spent time on our private terrace
because it was unseasonably warm
and the view from the 26th floor magnificent.

That would be content posture
on our comfy charcoal velvet sofa.

The VI Spring mattresses made in England
were also to die for.

We did no shopping on Michigan Avenue!
We left the elegance of the Chanel inspired Elysian
only once to satisfy a craving for my favorite pizza:
Lou Malnati's.)

Apparently you can like work out at the spa...

all photos by me

Okay. Sooooo not my typical "everyday."
My easiest writing assignment thus far.

And there's a twist to the upcoming article...
This writer had never had a massage in her life!
She's a worker bee and had no idea
what she was missing!
It's all over.

I'll share more lovely decor ideas gleaned from
the Elysian later (and perhaps a
few self-timed photos of two middle aged moms
engaged in a battle royale with pillows).

If you are headed to Chicago,
definitely think GOLD.
Think state of the art spa.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Oh how absolutely GORGEOUS with a capital G. You lucky thing you and can I just say - you in your quite elegantly casual pose on the sofa, looking every inch as glamorous as your surroundings... Middle aged mum my arse. So there.

    I love the fact you didn't really bother venturing out much because with a place like that, why would you need to? Ok, so I wouldn't have used the gym either because yeah uhhh it's not called a break for nothing.

    Looking forward to more! xxx

  2. What a fun adventure! And how fun to have a close sister to share the fun with!

    I am not a massage gal myself. But I love facials!

    I have only visited Chicago once. For a fantastic wedding. Had so much fun in that city!

    Warm hugs to you my friend,


  3. Oh, you lucky, lucky thing. That pool looks incredible. I'm impressed you even entered the gym - those machines frighten me!!!

    Never had a massage? Really? Hmmm, well, in that case I might find it in my heart to forgive you for getting to go to this awesome place!!


  4. Peanut butter fudge guardians, hahaha! They are a bit frightening to me too!

    Sounds like a wonderful spa getaway. And you do 'content' very glamorously!

    Do massages from husband count? If not, I've never had one! Am I really missing out?

    Meera xx

  5. Now.. how jealous am I??? LOL

    I'm joking! I'm so happy for you! Gee.. look at you, gorgeous! I love your hair...

    I've never had a massage! I'm that boring! Done.. I need to schedule one. It must be amazing, huh?

    This place is outrageous, M!

    Have a great day, Michele!


    Luciane at

  6. Sounds like so much fun! So jealous!

    Natalie at

  7. Ahhhh... sweet bliss!

    I am getting married here in September 2011, and can not wait! My Prince Charming and I are constantly finding ourselves in Bernard's (hotel bar) and the spa - we can't stay away!


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