April 14, 2011

Prepare yourselves for a sensual feast.
Take a deep breath.

If you are like me, your pulse will soon quicken
as images from this designer's portfolio render you woozy.

M I C H A E L  D E L  P I E R O

creates harmonious and nuanced spaces
for discerning clients.

I've admired her work for years so it was
so lovely of her to take time out to chat

Many of the images posted here are from her Chicago boutique.
See additional interiors here.

I asked Michael how she captures so much
depth and tactile interest without introducing clutter.

"This is my specialty!
I love things with impact and texture.
If you use too many, you lose impact.
If you use to few, you lose interest.

I work hard to accomplish just the right
balance to create depth, interest, and serenity."

Del Piero employs "A specific color palette, oversized art and objects, and simple fabrics which scream with texture and not pattern help to create the look!"

Spaces designed by Michael reflect such thoughtfulness
and creativity, yet she is quick to graciously point out
how she honors it in others.

"I believe creativity shows up all around us everyday!

I see it in places where one might think it doesn't
exist such as the office of my accountant and my electrician.

The work they perform on my behalf is always surprisingly
creative and contributes to my life greatly!"

The Chicago-based designer is drawn to "Things that lean in just the right way"
for their artistic interest and beauty.

A few years ago, photos of one of Michael's projects
grabbed me, and I immediately thought
"this designer has genuine spiritual depth."

"I am a spiritual person and believe we as humans
have been created by a higher power.

What could be more creative and inspiring?
We are a masterpiece!"

Isn't this wall treatment amazing?Also went nuts for her Winnetka Classic interior.

Del Piero travels the world, collecting art and objects
for her boutique Good Design and clients...
but she doesn't seek perfection.

"I seek out the imperfect!

I have always found the irregular, bumpy,
discolored, oddly shaped, worn and unusual
the most beautiful.

The look and feel of something created by hand,
found, used and weathered is unmatched in its
perfection to that which is clean, shiny and even."

I asked the designer about how she uses contrasts.

"I love the mix of warm with cool.

I think this is not an easy task to get this to work.
The muted gray with the toned down gold is a favorite."

Check out this English Colonial in Wilmette too!

Michael has not always worked in interior design.
It is inspiring to learn of her background
in the corporate world as an executive coach.

"The transition has been what I refer to as 'in the flow.'
I started doing what I loved, coaching others to have
what they wanted in their professional life.

The transition to have what I wanted in mine happened easily.
I began purchasing cool things at the flea markets
around the world, selling them and ultimately placing
them in the homes of the owners.

I'm still helping folks have what they want
in their lives in a different format!"

Michael's idea of the PERFECT CLIENT?

"Confident, open minded, trusting.
If they have taste, I pray for the budget to match.
If they have a good budget, I pray for taste."

There are some incredible artists with works
represented at Good Design...can you tell us about them?

"I am a huge fan of Lucy Slivinski, Joe Boudreau,
Connie Noyes and Michael Thompson.
I rank them right up there with my all time
favorites Willem de Kooning and Jean DuBuffet."

Tip for editing your stuff:
"Keep what you love! If you have more than one closet
or storage locker full of stuff you are not using, PURGE."

What inspires this brilliant creative soul at the moment?




This vignette makes me SMILE!
Does humor play a significant role in your work or life?

"Humor is VERY important in my life.

I work on large scale projects, and it is
impossible for an entire project to complete without
numerous 'issues.' If I couldn't laugh about the
mishaps, I'd be in BIG trouble!
Humor lightens the serious, negative and
down right mean."

Good Design

What pure pleasure to learn more
about this globally successful designstar!

In Chicago now through December 15,
you can view the room
designed for Chicago's Dreamhome
in The Merchandise Mart.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. This is going to take more than 1 visit for me to take it all in. So inspiring.


  2. wow ~ love love her work! going to plan my trip to see the Chicago Dreamhome now!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet words. You shall have to share your Mary/Baby Jesus vignettes after you go nuts with your photo shoot! *winks* I am an incurable collector of Spiritual Art... I've been told that the entire House looks like a Shrine. *LOL* I'm okay with that... I live with what I Love. I'm LOVING that Photo in this Post of the Native American Rugs on the ladders and Mortars & Pestle's. *swooning* So organic and beautiful.

    Have a wonderful weekend... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. You always post the best images!! She is so wonderful!!! I always love the unexpected, it's so earthy and rustic... brilliant!
    I hope all is well!


  5. Can't wait to get to the Dreamhome.

    I never tire of Michael's rooms -- aren't they incredibly timeless and balanced?


  6. WOW, her work is incredible! So earthy and yes, timeless! Gorgeous talent.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend, pretty lady!

    Meera xx

  7. I love her work and I am so grateful that you introduced her to me.
    I agree with you on the 'spiritual depth' - it is so evident to me too.

    Lovely lovey find.

    x Charlotta

  8. I'm totally in love with the chairs in the first image. What a talent!! Thanks for linking up with VIF, xo Debra

  9. Michele, I clearly know nothing about interior design after looking at these stunning images. (:

    I love Michael's style. I love the mix. Her sense of scale and the way she uses textures.

    Vert inspiring,

    Warm hugs to you,


  10. Muted grey with toned-down gold and Allsaints* as inspiration? Definitely a woman after my own heart!

    Fabulous interview - you are a true inspiration my friend, thank you for sharing xxx

    *there is an Allsaints shop in the Trafford Centre near me and it is a treasure trove of design inspiration! Must get in there and take some pics next time I'm shopping ;)


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