April 29, 2011

ashlee raubach photography

Her sense of style and that image
of the blonde child in motion
immediately stole my heart.

Interior designer and bloglicious


is one of the loveliest life-stylers on the web,
and her blog for me was love at first sight.

a few of the inspiring draws of this designer & her blog:

Her lovely home's breeziness, European easy elegance,
her preference for functional beauty, and her gentle spirit.

Want to take a peek inside her home?

I know, I know.
Catch your breath and don't
do anything drastic to your home
like wire it with explosives to start over.

I asked the designer what springs to mind
when she thinks about beauty in imperfection.

"Finding beauty in simple things,
uniqueness of the individual,
the freedom to be me, art, and nature."

isn't she lovely?

My sweet friend's current inspirations go much deeper
than a favorite designer wallpaper or shelter magazine.

My relationship to my Heavenly Father
and His son Jesus Christ.
My husband and my children.
Enjoying the beauty that life offers.

still...i'm curious about her favorite magazine.
no i'm not.

Dreamy blues and greens and a naturally effortless
chic add to her design's charm.

Bouvet hardware and authentic period light fixtures
were employed throughout this gorgeous home.

Desiree's take on creativity...

"It's an expression of one's self, and I believe we have been
given gifts from a higher source.
We are expected to lift and share with one another.
Life would be so dull without creativity!!"

Tell it, sista.

A recipe for finding the lovely and sacredness in the "everyday."

"Everyday is a gift!
We all should strive to live in the moment more by embracing the good
and bad and learning to grow from each experience.
When we live from our hearts, we can not only see
and feel the blessings of everyday life, we can lift and strengthen
others. Gratitude for each experience is finding
the lovely and sacredness in the 'everyday.'"

This interview with Desiree
reminded me of how connected
"living from the heart" is to
living an inspired life.

Merci for the peek into your home and heart today and everyday, Desiree.   

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. There's a real casual elegance to her style, absolutely gorgeous!

  2. what a gorgeous home! Her design is so simple and elegant and love her look on life. Each room just pours our serene and calm.

  3. M,

    This is stunning! The whole post is a blessing. Not only the gorgeous home (which is so evident), but also this person. It's beautiful to find people that you feel connected to by words of real meaning.

    I also want to thank you and your mom. I'm so happy she likes my blog! It felt as a gift. Honestly!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy every minute you have with your mom. :-)


    Luciane at

  4. This is the kind of effortless elegance I would hope to achieve in my grown-up house when I buy one, although it may be a little scaled down in size!

    I am completely and utterly charmed by her style and home, so beautiful!

    Still holidaying in sunshine here, back to work on Tuesday (boo) so going to get some more sun this weekend! Hope you're having a glorious weekend, my lovely!

    Meera xx

  5. I hope she doesn't mind that I will be moving in soon:) Her home is gorgeous. And yes the thought of explosives did come to mind:) Thanks for such a great post... now I have to get to work on my house!!!

  6. I love her blog already! Isn't it amazing? That house is so amazing. I think you could have almost any look in there and it would look stunning - so many original feautres. Love it!!!


  7. Those are images of pure gorgeousness! What simple elegance! X

  8. her home reminds us all how much EARTH IS CRAMMED WITH HEAVEN, yes?

    and Sarah Three Boys: HA! yes, step away from the explosives. email instead for ideas!


  9. love your blog...gave you a bloggy award

  10. what gorgeousness...thanks for sharing on fridays unfolded...heading over immediately!

  11. Wow!! SO my taste. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your friends home. I'm heading over there with some kleenex in case I drool *winks* Vanna

  13. Wow, What a gorgeous home! Thank you for sharing this at my Open House party.


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