Artist Inspiration: OLIVIA GRAHAM...and gratitude

April 11, 2011

Photography by
*  o l i v i a    g r a h a m  *

beautifully captures my mood,
my outlook,
my gratitude for
so much lovely recently
finding its little way to my world.

my photo - assemblage for Betsy

I love sharing my creations.
This is an assemblage I created for Betsy Eby,
and it was pure bliss to hear she loved it.
Did you read the interview with Betsy?

She even posted the collage
on her blog and tweeted.
needlesstosay i immediately joined twitter!
follow hellolovelyinc!

my photo

On the spine is a crazy pieced-together
poem with vivid imagery and music.

my photo

This engagement assemblage on a vintage cover
was created for the multi-talented Kate Schelter.
the bottom section is a collage of lovely images
of Kate's apartment, including her pup. since she
will be leaving this home when she marries, i
thought it would be great for her to have this memory.

my photo

Love how the poem with its
black and cream paired with
black spine and red cover.

my photo

The beautiful reverse side of the collage.

This is how Kate's was packaged.
i have some pieces i'll be offering for sale soon.

And now...back to the Olivia Graham show!

But not before expressing gratitude
to more lovelies:

Luciane at Homebunch,
Wendy at Shabby Nest,
Denise at Pink Postcard,
and Lisa at Informal Home
recently featuring the blog
and directing their cool friends
to hello lovely's door.

I so love the laid back cool of Olivia's shot above.
To me, it stirs up sentiments of being carefree,
young, and in absolutely no rush.

I connect with this one too.
Contemplative and quiet.
Inspires me to fill a lonely wall
with looking glass.

okay, maybe this human
with the peerless bone structure
who is not me with the impaired brain
is simply considering whether
to wear onyx or diamond earrings...

Ooooh, I want to be this one when I grow up.
and somebody direct me to some aviators that don't leave
my tiny self lookin supaFLY.

and the epitome of femininity with an edge.

See more OG lovely here.


I love reading your comments!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Oh, my!

    ONLY YOU!!! I love your blog long before I had my own, I've told you this before, right? And being your "cyber friend" is a huge honor! I truly feel inspired by you and your gorgeous blog. I'm proud of you! :-)

    Thank YOU for mentioning me and it's a huge pleasure talk about you on HB. Besides, I'm in love with that gorgeous house you found!

    I missing when I was a teen, after seeing these pictures! They're too gorgeous! :-) I love it!

    By the way, I'm following you on Twitter.

    Have a Blessed week!


    Luciane at

  2. i did not know this, Luciane!

    twitter! just what i need! something else to obsess about and compulsively check!


  3. Hey cutie,

    It was a pleasure to mention you the other day. I love your blog lots.

    Your photos are fab in today's posts. Yah, I often drive around in my bikini, doncha know!! But I know what you mean about the carefree, no-rush feel of teenagedom. Well, maybe not carefree - I remember being in a state of anxst some of the time!! Swinging between anxst and blaze-scmaze was a forte of mine!



  4. I love how you seem to apppreciate everything!

  5. Olivia's work is gorgeous. I love what you put together for her too. So much work in that, and the packaging is beautiful. Of course it was a pleasure to feature you and your inspiring blog.


  6. Lovely images. Sense of carefree and confidence. Charmaine

  7. Hello my lovely,
    I'm not getting as much time for blogging lately (alas paid work takes priority) but I so look forward to popping by here to drink in your latest instalment of lovely. I have been feeling much more appreciative of and content with the little things since I've got to know you, and it's a wonderful happy feeling! So thank you :)

    Your collages are genius and your package is divinely wrapped!

    Olivia Graham's photos are incredible, I want to get on an old bike and ride in my bikini!

    Hugs to you, sweet lady.

    Meera xx


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