April 21, 2011

What constitutes an inspired life?
Surely this is debate-able.
But as for me I believe
it's a life lived
And creativity...

The amazing illustrations of Swedish artist

reflect these qualities.

I'm a fan of her fashionable
and raw work and was
willing to moonwalk
in 6-inch heels to interview her for

Turns out that wasn't necessary...

Stina works with a wide range of mediums
including watercolor, acrylics, ink, and photography.

Her drippy watercolors are my
personal favorite and are enthusiastically
embraced by clients such as,

Coca Cola, Absolut, Godiva, Sony,
Blue Note Records, Atlantic Records, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s,
UNIQLO, American Eagle Outfitters, Volvo Japan, Björn
Borg Clothing, DKNY, Face Boutique, Iben Høj Clothing, and Target.


Anyone else woozy with how
Stina illustrates two simple words?

When she commented:

"Making things is the opposite of destruction."

She gave me pause.
I thought about how much we hurt each other
and the planet when we don't honor
creativity with this spirit.

Famous for fashion illustrations,
last fall Stina explored ideas of
imperfection in an exhibit in New York

"Perfectly Flawed dealt with accepting
mistakes, drips, and cuts.
With an ever more digitalized, botoxed,
and photoshopped reality I think we
yearn for the original and
the handmade, even if imperfect.

Or maybe just because."

If you read this blog, you won't be surprised
I could not allow Stina to escape without
commenting on the role of humor in her life.

"Humor is vital.

As long as we can laugh and poke fun
of ourselves it will be all right.

My work isn't very funny though;
I have to compensate as a person maybe..."

The artist soulfully and sensitively
replied to my plea for suggestions
to find lovely in the everyday.

"Look closer to home.

The way a beam of light
hits an object in your house
or a good cup of coffee on the
balcony (even if only for a minute
as it actually is still way too cold)...

Looking at the devastation in Japan
one realizes just how fragile everyday is,
and how precious."

What currently inspires the artist?


Collages and thrift stores.

Astor, Edgar, Otis and Ivar
(her sons and husband).


Thank you, Stina, for sharing your lovely spirit
and stirring creations with all of us.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. I find that I'm inspired by Spring, collages, thrift stores and my family too. Yet for me the outlet is home decor. Interesting how the same input creates a different output. I love those boots in the last painting, BTW.

  2. Gorgeous and so inspiring, both the artist and your blog...
    I am now running a few minutes late because I just could not stop browsing through your beautiful posts... Thank you for the inspiration boost.
    I'm your newest fan. Have a beautiful Easter. Xo

  3. Oh, sweetie...

    You always touch people with your words. I'm always at peace when I'm here.

    I hope you also have a Happy Easter!

    Btw, did you get better of your allergies?

    Love to you! :-)


    Luciane at

  4. Oh fabulous in every single way! I love this interview and her art is just so incredibly beautiful in all of it's perfect imperfection. Stunning, really. xxx

  5. I am a huge fan of Stina's art, it's beyond lovely - wooziness-inducing indeed! Love the interview, you have such a way of bringing out the lovely!

    Meera xx

  6. Very talented! And Swedish - wihooo!

    I am with you. Her drippy watercolors are fantastic.

    Thank you for sharing, Michele!



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