My Home: Peek Inside My Windows (2)

April 03, 2011

Feel like peeking?
Ok, but I've got a burrrrnnnnnrning question for you to answer:


Cuz it is HIGH TIME i kick the booty into high gear
and get down and dirty like a bad mambajamba.
(even i am shocked at how lame i am.)

I got a wee start over the weekend
but my list of chores keeps getting lonnnnnggger.
Isn't it surprising how quickly things around the house
start to feel outdated  and passe even when you thought
you were achieving a timeless look 5 years ago?

Today's post is a sort of to-do list.

all images mine

Extract granny from the dining room.
despite my modern canvases, it is still too precious and unsexy.
not that grannys can't be sexy...just striving for milfy not gilfy.

Inject more texture and personality into the kitchen.
i need rugs and probably some contemporary and oganic strokes.
there's a phrase painted above the window over the sink you can't see that
and it does.

Figure out those *%#$ shelves.
they were a friggin mess when this was snapped.
honestly they are different every week because
i am never satisfied.

Hello? The screen porch needs therapy!
a rug, new pillows, and maybe some curtains will lift her mood, yes?

Figure out how to replace bulbs 18 feet in the air.
when you're not a masochist.

Keep the calm, but puhhhhleeease lose the boring factor.
functionally, the room works great.

Sew a laundry bag to go in the antique hamper.
my sewing skillz? this should be interesting.

Find an alternate location for the dress form.
this is our closet, and my man says she creeps him out and must go byebye.

Find properly scaled accessories.
these are a SCALE FAIL.

Replace the dried hydrangea.
and i'm sick of the teal.

wanted to show off the antique stained glass we
put in the WC to steal natural light from the downstairs hall.

Lose the dollar store silver chargers.
it's only the laundry room, but they've over stayed their welcome.

original landscape by aimless olive

Find storage for a teeny powder room.
need to hide the Febreeze and extra rolls.
btw, yes. that is COLOR on the walls: Nurture by Glidden.

do i sound edgy?
i'm just exhausted and keepin it real.
and sadly out of chocolate.

The appointment book is full this week:
scrubbing and organizing
while my man works magic on the basement.

If your week promises something different...

Hope you'll follow this lovely journey.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. That's quite the to do list. Just so ya know, once you get those bulbs changed more will blow! It's Murphy's Law. Looking forward to seeing you work your magic. It already looks great, so the new life you inject will make it awesome!


  2. Your home is lovely and I love that mirror you have over your tub. I had to laugh at your dress form creeping your man out, I have the same problem. Don't worry about your to do list because it'll never be done. Tackle what you can and just enjoy living with the rest.

  3. You have such a beautiful, well-put-together home. Despite what you see in the flaws (we are always our own biggest critic), there is a certain calmness in everything and home should do that - soothe us and give us peace and this is a home that does that. The loveliest thing about our surroundings though is that they can easily change and adapt to who we are right now and so it'll never be 'done', will it? Enjoy what you do have (which is amazing, I couldn't imagine having a foyer that size or such a huge kitchen or the outside space you do) and make the tweaks as and when you want to. It IS a beautiful space though even now x

  4. I've missing your blog and thinking about you this week, Michele.

    Sorry I didn't come here as much as I wanted, but last week was crazily busy! Seriously.. I was going nuts! :-)

    I also have loved your house. Sometimes I think about your house and feel inspired and it makes me want to paint my house with the same color. I never thought of your house a "boring" one. I love how peaceful it feels, Michele. I understand that you might be missing changing some things, which is completely normal. I'm always like that too. :-) Maybe you can add some different color with pillows or vases. Something easy to change if you get tired of it.

    But honestly, your house is just sooooo perfect, my friend.

    I hope you have an amazing week! :-)


    Luciane at

  5. You are so silly!! You have such a beautiful home... love it!!! From time to time I do the same and I keep telling myself not to let the little things bother me, but it doesn't work. :) We just love to create!!
    I love the idea you play the piano and write music!! If we lived by each other we would be jammin!!

  6. Hi my friend - are you insane! Your home is the poster child for a clean, fresh, clutter free and beautiful home. (I can never again show my home after this...Ha!).

    And your home is so Swedish calm and content. I love your good energy, my friend. And you are a mighty good stylist!

    Love to you,


  7. It's a really lovely home, and you've decorated it beautifully. Relax & enjoy!

  8. My darling, have you got ants in your pants?

    Your home is beautiful! I love your style, it's so serene and calming and TIMELESS, I feel like my day's stresses are falling off my shoulders just looking at your photos!

    You're craving a little change, like we all do sometimes. Seeing as you have such a magic style touch, it can only get more beautiful!

    Or maybe just get some chocolate, it'll solve many things :)

    Meera xx

  9. Michele,

    Why not paint the walls shocking pink?!!!! JOKE!! I think you should sit down, put your feet up and read a magazine. My lovely, your home is completely gorgeous!!!

    I'm always gobsmacked by how perfect it looks when you post pictures. So calm and serene.


  10. Love your home...aren't we always our own worst critic.

  11. i really like peeps in blogland...ok, relaxing a little. you all make me smile.

  12. "striving for milfy not gilfy" = rofl
    Great post :)

  13. Stumbled across your blog and had to comment on your home as it is beautiful.
    You may have a lot of jobs to tick off your list but it looks lovely to me already!
    And the rooms are so big! Homes in England are on the whole a lot smaller but I guess it's cause we are a smaller country with less space.
    Kat x

  14. Your house is freakin amazing! The neutral colours are the perfect backdrop all you need to do is add some splashes of colour and boom the whole room would change. A vase filled with oranges and limes, some fresh flowers, a tray of booze (well wine bottles if feeling posh) and glasses on the bench and your kitchen will be de-grannyied!

  15. Your home is just perfectly beautiful! I really don't have much to add to its beauty. Thanks for sharing it with us this Wednesday.

  16. Happy Good Life Wednesday! You are so to read your posts. Your home is stunningly beautiful and divine - - wow!

  17. Your home is so pretty! I just found you through Kara's linky party. I am now your newest follower. Come check me out if you get a chance.

  18. Lovely Place....I am a huge fan of white!!

  19. Beautiful Home! I'm a new follower, I would love for you to stop by sometime!

    Warm Wishes,

  20. Your home is heavenly!
    I'm a new follower!
    Pamela :)

  21. Holy hell your house is breath taking!!!!! WOW

    Definitely some porch pillows! Maybe even a shot of color with them?

    Looks amazing!!

  22. I absolutely love your home! Spring truly has sprung.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. Wow- I have to say I LOVE your home! It's absolutely beautiful... but will enjoy watching how you tweak and change things!! Thanks for sharing at FNF!:)

  24. Hi there! Your home is beyond gorgeous and I just loved being taken along on your plans for tweaking things even though I think it is just stunning the way it is. :-) The dress form would probably freak my husband out too! Thanks so much for coming over this week and linking up to Inspiration Friday!

  25. Your home is just beautiful, the little touches you have planned sound perfect. I love the teal, but I swap my treasures out from time to time so that when I tire of something I can bring it out 6 months later and it's like Christmas morning all over again! I can't wait to see what you come up with! xoxo

  26. I so enjoyed my tour and your humorous take on spring cleaning... and your entry is sheer perfection!

  27. your home is STUNNING!!! about to go become a follower! look forward to more!

  28. I loved touring your home and will have to come back to check out the rest of your blog. Everything is beautiful and I especially love the landscape painting in the powder room!

  29. love, love, love your home...good bones. But the fixes are good're a good editor :) so get on it, girl!

  30. Matter of fact, i do follow ur journey as of recently, lol. I love, love, love ur kitchen, wish mine was this large. Ur home is beautiful. I get what u mean though about wanting to make changes. Some days i wake up and want to throw out everything and start over. I tend to over think things sometimes. I love the dining room though. I think u just need a few doilies, LOL. Just kidding.........Bonnie

  31. Oh it is always so hard to start the spring cleaning but isn't it so rewarding?
    I just hate doing windows, but I love looking out a nice crisp, clean one.
    You've got a nice list there. Your place is already gorgeous.

  32. In amongst the list, I enjoyed your beautiful home tour. Just gorgeous!

  33. You have a fabulous home, it all looks perfect to me! Thanks for linking up to Vintage Inspiration Friday!

  34. What a visual treat this tour was!

    Strolling though your gorgeous spaces and peeking outside your home was a treat for the senses. So fresh and welcoming. What a creative and comfortable home you have carved out for you and your family.

    I'm your newest fan and follower! I had to laugh out loud about the dress form creeping your husband out! I have them all over my house because I make and sell the on etsy. Wonder if my hubby feels the same way and has never told me? ha/!

    So happy I stopped in this morning...

    Starview Sonnet

  35. What a stunning home you have! Loved the tour and love reading about your plans, because there is always SOMETHING to be done, right? I'm in the midst of project overload myself, but it's fun to tweak and change things - it's what makes your home your own.

  36. Your tour made me laugh. Love your personality. Despite your "to-do" list, your home seems quite "done" to me! Everything looks fabulously bright, clean and still modern. It looks like the kind of home that always appears very clean, so why even worry about spring cleaning. Lol, beautifully done and thanks for the entertaining tour. Your shelves look great btw:)


    Poppies at Play

  37. what a beautiful home. I'm green with envy!

  38. i love your home. White is so relaxing - its my colour of choice x

  39. You're house is beautiful! If I saw this from the outside, I would be so curious of what's behind that big brown door! White is definitely the new trend today. The color helps people find peace. And the huge windows are perfect in giving way for sun beams to light the house in the day.

  40. michele - i made it over and i LOVE this post! love love love your beautiful home!!!!

    thank you for inviting me over :-)



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