Lovely Finds: BYLOOM and HYDE

June 26, 2011

It's the MIX this textile designer loves...

"My methods always involve a mix of some sort -
whether weaving and stitching, or mixing tweed with leather..
it's 'in the mix' that I find my designs.

Spontaneity and instinct play a huge part in what I create."

is a shop offering
one of a kind
handmade in France
stunningly lovely bags.

One more adjective for the shop:

my heart races...

A l e x a n d r a  R i t c h i e
is the designer behind Byloomandhyde,
whose engaging photos beckoned me
to discover this
new French gem of a shop
on etsy.

I fell hard for
a chic handmade bag
like the one above
in all its linen-y hide-licious glory.

(Butter my pain du chocolat, mademoiselle...
you better believe I'll be giving this bag the mother of all
photo shoots when it travels across the ocean to mama!!) 

so texturally fabulous.

Alexandra creates
in a 400-year old crumbling
atelier in a rural village outside of Angouleme
(an hour and a half from Bordeaux).

Hear that? Think I heard the brush of angel wings.

Hope you'll visit the lovely Byloom and Hyde
if only to browse, and meet me back here, oui?

Soon we'll chat with Alexandra about
her atelier near Angouleme and enjoy
more fabulous photography.

Be well and see lovely.
*is my closing completement stupide?*

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Hello lovely indeed!! Sheesh, those are gorgeous!

  2. Aah, these are sublime! Bookmarked, and I think my next bag will be one of these!

    Catching up on your posts before I have to start actual work. I should pop by every morning before starting work, I always feel so uplifted here.

    And your closing statement is the best line I've read as I start another working day.

    Happy week, sweet lady xx

  3. Oui, oui!! Tres gorgeous!!

  4. Gorgeous! I love that bag with the fringe!

  5. Oh my gosh, that black bag is GORGEOUS!! I absolutely love it.

    And, no, not stupide . . . just funnie!

  6. Oh wow, ok, need to pop by the shop like right now. NEED.


  7. I would love to own one of these handbags!


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