Books: Romantic Prairie Style

June 27, 2011

Editor, writer, and stylist

f i f i
o ' n e i l l

has captured a little romance in
(Ryland Peters and Small).

Just one of the sweet surprises inside.

The image above was sort of a humble attempt
to style and honor the spirit of
which for me entails...


I don't think you have to be
in love with Michael Landon
or the prairie to honor those
three things.

True, I am no Laura Ingalls,
she rarely said 'friggin'
or wore stilettos
and although I love beadboard,
my decor sensibilities
often deviate from the
of country...
help me i would rather do 100 pushups than
listen to country music!

ooooh, i'm an outlaw collaging my photos with fifi's!!!

styling and celebration of 'undecorated'
liveable homes inspires
with its sense of
'let's all slow down a little.'

How do you feel about country decorating?
and gun to your head: hiphop or country music?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Soooo gorgeous!! I just want to crawl into these pictures and live there. And I think you did a great job capturing the lush, romantic essence of it all.

  2. My copy arrived last week from the book depository! I LOVE it too..... Such gorgeousness! Just like your images... enjoy it... I know I have! X

  3. Love the pictures.... I must get this book! Everything is so pretty!!!

  4. A book to be inspired by!

    I have to admit that I am not much of a Romantic girl (or so I thought) but then I surprise myself with Romantic elements. A little vignette here or there or a rose garden filled with pink roses. My home is a mix of just about everything!

    But I do stand up for calm, simple and relaxed rooms!



  5. Oh God anything but country your efforts...the book really gets you goin doesn't it...I think it is definitely one of my favourite all time books. Robx
    p.s. I've had a hankering to buy the 'Little House on the Prairie' books...haven't read them for 40 years!

  6. So lovely to get a glimpse of this book, I've been thinking about getting it. The style is beautifully quiet, relaxed and natural. Your photo collage is perfect, I LOVE your vintage marmalade jars!

    Ah, I'm more of an Indie and Soul girl. If I HAD to pick between country and hiphop, it would HAVE to be hiphop!

    Hugs hugs!

    Meera xx

  7. indie and soul! i love the sound of that. even though i'm more rock n roll than country, indie and soul fits better for me too!

  8. Lovely post. I still have not picked up my copy of this fantastic book. I need to soon! I am visiting from Feathered Nest Friday.

  9. I just ordered this book and I'm hoping it arrives in time for me to take with me on vacation to the beach.

    Confession: I. don't. mind. country. music.

    There! I said it! I guess that's what living in Texas while your husband is in Navy flight school will do to a girl. It's all they listened to!

    I would listen to Garth Brooks before I did 100 pushups!

    Loved your post! It made me smile!


    P.S. And the confession felt good!

  10. I have this book too. Every page is swoon worthy!


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