June 20, 2011

I like killer stuff.
Tons of money is cool too.
But it's not easy to get me to read fiction.

So when TLC Book Tours asked me
to join the tour and review

k i l l e r  s t u f f  a n d  l o t s  o f  m o n e y
by Maureen Stanton,

I may have felt a slight tinge
of review dread until...

I learned the author teaches creative nonfiction
at the University of Missouri
(where my son is majoring in English
and where I attended grad school)


I discovered the topic was flea-market friendly.

*quick summary*
The star of the book, Curt Avery,
works his way up from low-end flea markets
to high-end antiques fairs, and we get a glimpse
of this cutthroat field of treasure hunting.
I ask you
is there any HIGH like the HIGH of snagging a well-crafted,
unique, or beautiful object for cheap at the flea market?

Maureen Stanton

Stanton gives us an insider's view of the
subculture of flea markets and antique shows,
and forces us to examine our relationship with
and love for OBJECTS.
Not gonna lie.
When you really get down to it,
our culture's passion obsession with
STUFF is...bizarre at times, yes?

Whether you're an antiquer, history buff, or treasure hunter,
is a killer edition to your library
and unveils secrets and perspective
to take with you to the auction.

Do tell...what was your favorite
flea market or auction find?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Hi sweetie!

    I haven't read any really interesting book this year so far. Only stuff about pregnancy, kids and interior design which is making me tired! :-)

    I like flea markets and we've a couple here. I should go more often... it's always fun.

    Enjoy the sunshine. We're having a cloudy, quite cold day.


    Luciane at

  2. A book for me! I used to import Swedish antiques and just last week I got an interesting business proposal related to antiques. The blog can take you in the most facinating direcetions!

    I started going to Auctions in Sweden at an early age and that is were I have found most of my precious treasures. Although, the price hunt has never been the main goal for me. I just want to surround myself with things I really love (even if it in the past meant eating Campbell soup for 3 months in a row so that I could afford that beautiful chair! Today, with 3 young kids and a shrinking budget I have resorted to garage sales!!).

    Sorry for being so blog quiet. The stomach flu has moved in - and yesterday 3 out of 5 family members were out cold. What a mess...

    Warm hugs,


    P.S Your e-mail is coming soon.

  3. Thanks for the book rec. My interest is definitely piqued.
    Glad to know another MU alum and an alum "to be".
    My husband and I are MU alums and after all these years, STILL live in Columbia, MO!

  4. Treasure hunting and antique markets...this sounds so interesting!! What an unusual and fascinating book concept. I've found some wonderful English antiques at auctions, and I never tire of winning a great piece!!

  5. Ooh sounds like a most interesting book! Since being commissioned recently by a client who only buys antique items, I have become a little obsessed with vintage stuff (not the faux recently-manufactured-but-deliberately-distressed kind, no sirree) so I anticipate a few early Saturday morning auctions in my near future!

    Meera xx

  6. What a crazy coincidence that you graduated and your son goes to the same school where the author teaches!

    Also, I don't think there's a better high than snagging something at a flea market that you know is AWESOME. I've gotten a few vintage treasures that would have been much more expensive at an antique store.

    Thanks for being on this tour!


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