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July 23, 2012

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In other news, I was invited to join
a garage band, and here we are at
our first rehearsal.

So fun!
I sing backup and some lead,
and the players are awesome.
We have no name yet, and our
aspirations are to play a brat tent
perhaps even this summer.
I will keep you posted with performance dates.

This was part of our pre-rehearsal meal.
Just the best bruschetta at Francesca's.

The wedding singers have moved up to
garage band status, mama!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. You are so darling, Michele. You have to make a video clip for us.
    The bruschetta looks amazing.

  2. How fun! My 11 year old is in a garage band that actually gets lots of gigs. I keep asking if I can sing with them, but they just laugh. Guess it's not cool to have a mom in the band :)

  3. ya, but those 11-year olds won't get our beer garden gig, right? oh crap. we better add some extra rehearsals.


  4. Wait a red hot are cool, have the best arms, cook, sell gorgeous baubles, are witty like no ones business AND now you are in a band????

    I am jealous. AND a band that offers up decadent italian dinners pre lifes not fair. You rock Michele, and now apparently I mean this both literally and figuratively...:)

  5. I'm going to second Teresa and Tina:
    1) You must post a video clip
    2) You are unreal!
    And if that's the kind of food one is treated to when one is in a band, perhaps I should join one...
    Hope you are having a lovely week! XO

  6. I'm with Tina and everyone else...YOU ROCK, no pun intended. I can't believe how freaking talented you go girl!


  7. you haven't heard us sing yet, dudes! don't get your hopes way up there. i'm wedding singer caliber but my heart is in it and i began performing at 4 years old up on a folding chair to reach the mic. in high school i was sarah brown in guys and dolls which was a dream but this garage band is making one of my midlife dreams come true as sappy as it sounds.


  8. GGAAAAH! My computer is not loading the pictures from this post! I want to see! I'm gonna have to come back when i get home ..


  9. You are FULL of surprises! Good for you. And I agree with the other comments - if I got bruschetta like that I'd do just about anything!

  10. That's so cool! You look cute as any anything. You remind me of that pretty singer in the band Gotye, where they sing "Somebody that i used to know" ... and they're all playing the same guitar. The whole thing sounds like great fun, and what the heck is a brat tent, am i that out of the loop!? Plus... oh man, does that Bruschetta look good!


  11. it's a bratwurst tent! i forgot that maybe it's a midwestern thing!


  12. Whoa!! How cool is this?! .. you can sing too?! Sounds like lots of fun and the bruschetta looks delicious :)

    Keep us posted as to when the first CD comes out!


  13. Looks like a lot of fun- haven't seen a garage band since I was in high school! Not giving my age away... but it was a while back.

  14. come on michele, what other talents do you have, this is amazing!
    we were at a summer dance last saturday and i told my husband, "i wish i could sing, that looks like such fun!" as i gazed longingly at the singer. GOOD FOR YOU!

    that was cute about the brat tent, must not be known out of the midwest.

    ok my friend, do a video (even of practice!!!) and let us know your schedule, i just might come

  15. LOVE that you
    are having fun
    and following
    your creativity ~
    no matter where
    it takes you. You
    are awesome, mama!!

    xo Suzanne

  16. MEGA COOL ROCKSTAR CHICKS!! Love, love, love it!! xxx

  17. This is awesome. I sing for a trip-hop Jazz band too and I didn't know you sing lead and backup!!! Melodious lovely? Fab.

  18. are a rock star?????
    Shut Up.


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