My Art {Collages on Vintage Book Covers}

October 16, 2013

collage for Monika of Splendid Willow

A few years ago, I began creating
these mixed media collages on old
discarded book covers.

collage for Alison of The Polo House

I have kept a few for myself, but most have
found very fine homes across the globe.

for Swoonworthy's gallery wall
(this one has been in a few magazines, yo!)

I use acrylics, felted wool, safety pins, vintage
book pages, vintage illustrations, linen,
silk, and egg shells.
Birds, skeletal ladies with high hair, crowns,
crosses, and poetry are repetitive themes.

for an upcoming art show
I am so fond of using these book covers which
would otherwise be thrown away!

And now that I have my copy of
Edited by Laura Heyenga
(Chronicle, 2013),
I am once again inspired to continue
this compelling art form.

Oh little paper slippers!

Prepare to be so inspired and dazzled
by the artists within this positively
magnificent book you will not
be able to put it down!

Any fans of art made from books out there?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. You are so talented...does your creativity have no bounds? I don't think so..rock on Michele!

  2. Love those, they looks like they would mix so well with other pieces of wall art!!
    Just wonderful, Karolyn

  3. Michele, you are amazingly talented and creative. Love it! I'm glad you are inspired to explore this art form some more. PS - those slippers!!!! XOXO

  4. I luv Monika's collage! So creative! franki

  5. Your collages are so cool, graphic and edgy, Michele. Very different from the calm and quiet seascapes you paint. I love the contrast. So talented you are! Hope you are enjoying early autumn. I've been very busy, and hope to post soon :)
    x Loi

  6. I love your bird collages. The colors and composition are so pretty. I have a bit of an old book addiction so this is a must book for me. Thanks for sharing such pretty things...

  7. Love the one you made for Monica.. so creative Michele! This is really unique and the ultimate in recycling;)

    Have a good weekend! xxL

  8. Such pretty ideas! :-)

  9. LOVE your divine collages!
    In fact, come over and take a look at the post from October 18th....
    there is a placesetting photo and on the napkin, Bonnie attached
    the pewter polo pin as part of the napkin ring!
    It's back in on the bacl on the book collage, but you must go see
    how she used it!
    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, sweet friend.
    A :)


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