Travel: Paris Secrets {Musee Carnavalet}

January 21, 2014

How are things with you today?
Me? Less than cheery as chilling temperatures
do a number on 'my nerves' as gramma used to say.
Still, the cold won't stop me from posting pics I snapped
just for you in Paris or from spilling more PARIS SECRETS...
don't you adore a big fat Frenchy secret!?!

One of my favorite finds in the Marais neighborhood is
Musee Carnavalet.

 This one's my fav: study of a foot by François Boucher, Pastel, ~1751

Although essentially a history museum,
the musée Carnavalet is nevertheless an art gallery
with around 600,000 exhibits spread over more
than one hundred rooms.

While not a secret to Parisiens, on the day
we discovered it and strolled in, we were the
only visitors in this grand art gallery...can
you imagine how happy that made this
angsty crowd-allergic functional neurotic????

The courtyard is magic.

The history preserved here (16th to 20th century)
was brain and eye candy.

(In my imagination, I am statuesque.
Lo, I am indeed the size of a 3rd grader.)

 A lil' more history, then I'll shush.
In 1866, at the instigation of Baron Haussmann, the city council bought the hôtel Carnavalet to house the new institution. The building, which was constructed in 1548 and altered by François Mansart in the seventeenth century, was home to Madame de Sévigné from 1677 to 1696.

 all photos mine

 It's a secret too special to keep.
If you are Paris bound, make time for 
Musee Carnavalet...
and room for lil me in yer carryon.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Definitely a secret worth telling! Besides all the antiques and art, your photos show other thing French people are good at – making magical gardens!
    Great pictures, Michelle!
    London Carpet Cleaner

  2. WOW!! What a treasure trove of beauty....amazing. The only ones? Did you pinch yourself!!!! The pictures take me away in the most beautiful the new blog look Michele!

    1. it's the kind of place, you might just walk on by thinking it the home of someone verrrrrry important. loved having it to ourselves.

  3. Michele-
    What a treat on this below freezing weather! So much beauty here.
    I ope that all is well with you.
    Happy Wednesday.

    1. it's a colllllddddd one today! thanks for reading.

  4. Simply Stunning and I love the new blog design as well!!!
    xo Karolyn

    1. thanks, karolyn. i love the wider area to showcase images.

  5. Michele,

    Your photographs are beautiful. We missed this when we were there.. next time! xxL

  6. Michele, I have spent many happy house in the Carnavelet and often have been there alone. It is a wonderful feeling after the crowds of the Louvre.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.


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