French Inspired Decor Inspiration {Woodson and Rummerfield}

March 28, 2014

Shut it shut it shut it right up.
I missed this on the cover of
Luxe magazine eons ago.
Must've premiered during my Amish phase.

Tina shared the chinoiserie panel image on her blog,
and my heart leapt...the panel feels like home to me.
Not my earthly abode but the place for which my soul will always be restless.

The boudoir designed by Woodson & Rummerfield
is inside a Beverly Hills greystone mansion:

"This installation was done in the grand Dame of estate’s bedroom; Lucy Doheny for the Maison de Luxe showcase house and was selected as the National cover of Luxe Interiors and Design Magazine.  The room is fitting in its various shades of pink for old Hollywood starlets such as Ava Gardner and contemporary enough for any starlet of the 21st century."

I'm no starlet pining for a lucite poster bed, but aren't
those pinks and the juicy hues in the painting MAJOR?

How cool would it be to riff on this scheme and
paint a room's walls a similar shade?

Anybody else sensing their inner Marie Antoinette
speed dialing both Woodson & Rummerfield and Laduree?

Hurray for bold femininity!
Hurray for vivid saturated color on Hello Lovely!
Hurray for Hollywood!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Isn't it amazing? I love the space how can you not feel like a modern day princess in a room like that? Plus its like an instant dose of it too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. I love murals I wish they would come back I wouldnt mind doing that type of painting again!! I over Faux finishes but I willnever be over wonderful classic murals!! Gorgeous, have a lovely weekend,K

    1. i have seen tons of murals. esp in modern spaces. you should def paint them again!

  3. It is gorgeous - the color is so warm and beautiful. Enjoy your Sunday!!

  4. Spectacular, Michele! Such gorgeous images!
    Why can't I pin today? Will certainly be back!

  5. Ohhhh my heart skips a beat when I see things like this!! It's fantastic and OTT and girlie glamour all in one. Yes. Yes. I'll have the monkey lamp too please along with that crazy fab lucite bed and that AHHMAYZING mural. xxx

  6. I LOVE it! It's crazy wonderful, hollywood luscious. I love the lucite and silvery side tables with the yummy pink. So different than anything i have, but it's so fun!



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