Books: Threadbare Lovely {Mister Finch}

December 25, 2014

Textile artist Mr. Finch loves sewing and stories.

Rescuing scraps of thread, fabric, curtains,
paper and beads, Finch stitches and pulls
to bring to life a world of magical threadbare
bunnies, insects, flowers and birds,
all of whom hold secrets and stories
from past lives.

The artist works alone, creating fairytale creatures
by hand in a studio full of books, glass jars
and naughty cats.

So very much to love in his whimsical works of heart...

Yer the bee's knees, Finch.

and his new book is a wonderland of lovely:
Mister Finch: Living in a Fairy Tale World
(Glitterati, 2014)

Peek inside Finch's Yorkshire Studio!

My favorite description of his folksy gems (from the artist):
"Storytelling creatures for people who are also a little lost, found and forgotten…"

Lost, found, and forgotten...oui.

But make no mistake, and herein lies the paradox:
with the artist's eye and needlework love,
the creatures first imagined then born,
become unforgettable.
* * *

Buy the book here: Mister Finch: Living in a Fairy Tale World
What are you collecting or creating at the moment?

Here are my picks for beautiful design books to inspire.

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  1. These are just mesmerizing!!! franki

    1. something very special indeed. thanks for reading, franki.

  2. wow so creative and unique. love this!

  3. Busy recycling wool garments to wash, felt, dye and create original flower pillows. Cutting out hundreds of geranium petals in various shades of red. Enjoy creating animals too but in the one dimensional, pillows. These creatures are so much fun to see. Thank you.

    1. look at you go! i would love a peek at those geranium petals. good point about the 3-D as that demands a skill set of its own! thanks for reading.

  4. Oh My Effinnnnn God! I LOVVVVEEEE this. Man will I love to pick a piece if I can afford. LOVE.

  5. So pretty...the bunnies are especially charming and beautiful! Love seeing someones artistic expression...hope your Christmas was a merry one:)

    1. thanks, tina. it was a wonderful christmas, and my crafting even continued on christmas day! i feel a little lost now that it has passed so i guess it's time to make the valentines?

  6. Hi Michele,
    I have been super sick this past week with the worst cold, this artist Mr. finch I discovered years ago and was fascinated with his fabric art. Does his Art make you want to hunt down some old fabrics and get sewing?

    Inspiration is all around you for the taking.


  7. oh i hope you are better very soon, sweet friend. his art mesmerizes me...i think because the creatures seem very alive to me, and the color palette is so sophisticated. i have been sitting in my egg chair and sewing little felted stars, and i can tell you sewing is not my game!

  8. Dear Michele, what a very talented artist. I adore his wonderful creatures they are so intricate and I am truly amazed!

    All the best to you in this New Year ahead!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. happy new year, karena. thank you for stopping & now it's time for me to catch up on blog reading!


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