Holiday Inspiration {a wintry pub party}

December 11, 2014

Every year, we join close friends in their charming
European style home decked out for the holidays
for their annual

W I N T R Y  P U B  P A R T Y.

The stockings hung on this mantel are not just any ol' stockings.
Well, they ARE quite old. They are the real deal.
Our friends live with what they adore: original
primitive American antiques...the perfect backdrop
for a nostalgic holiday and this cocktail party.

 Vintage Santa suit!

Above right is the entrance to "the pub."
They have a pub in their home, and it's
a thing of beauty with handcrafted finishes
(sorry, I couldn't ask guests to mosey
so I could snap pics for my blog readers...).

What concoctions did the bloggerina imbibe?
Amaretto Sours (I'm boring but it's my favorite) and
another drink was a mystery since I asked the
bartender to surprise was made
with berry-infused vodka.

Our friends go the extra mile to
make their guests feel extra festive,
and their beautiful home is perfectly
matched to their generosity of spirit.

White Tufted Wool Pom Pom Wreath 12"
Tufted Wool Pom Pom Wreath

Back at home, I am still trying to get a few ornaments
on the tree! Who has time for decorating when there
are pom poms to be made?

Hope you are being extra gentle on yourselves
during this season when the culture's messages
can be so brutal.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Michele,
    What a beautiful home to entertain in. That stone wall fire place is amazing. I love all the little extras that they created for this nostalgic feel to their decor. The stockings, the tree sign and that grand tree. It's looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Looking forward to all you have and what will become of your Christmas decor.
    I am loving the mouse, this is the mouse that you were reminded after my visit? It's so adorable and the letter to Santa :))

    See you soon.


    1. i wish the mouse were mine. it is my friend's. so i will definitely capture my mice with the camera and share on the blog just for you! love to you, dore. i am still in a dreamy trance from your mouse theatre. what a talent you are!

  2. The natural primitive decorations are so beautiful - I love the stocking & the home in general is gorgeous! What a fun party! Happy holidays!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

    1. you would be right at home here, leslie! peace to you.

  3. The pom poms are the best decorations of all! And I can just smell that fig candle. Heaven. Michele, this looks like such a fun and festive event. Glad you got to let your hair down and enjoy the Amaretto Sours. Here's to the weekend, whether it's full of fa la la or heavenly peace, I hope yours is wonderful! XOXO

    1. now my mouth is watering, jeanne! it will be an exciting weekend complete with our son's college graduation--so many rich blessings.

  4. Wow that is beautiful...I want a pub! That tree look enormous....I love all the decor, the best of elegance and festive! Thanks for sharing Michele.

    1. you're going to have to get yourself a pub. i'll see if i can't do a post just on the pub so we all have lots of inspiration! peace to you, tina.

  5. Beautiful, warm and inviting! Looks like a really fun party. Now go and make more pom-poms. Love them !! Merry Christmas, sweet Michele,
    xo Kathysue

    1. hahahaha. exactly. peace to you, kathysue (don't we love that your name just SINGS?!?).

  6. Fabulous home! I love antique American folk and primitive art and antiques. I want your friends' white ironstone collection; especially those pitchers :) Warmest greetings to you, Michele! Stay fabulous and festive ~

  7. there is much much more you would love in this home, loi! so many incredible primitive pieces and collections with original paint. it truly is a wonderland. :)

  8. Be still my heart....that house is utterly amazing, Michele. That fireplace, the vintage pieces....just incredible. I had to laugh because Amaretto Sours are MY favorite drink, too! Love them!!! :) We are kindred spirits in more ways than one.... :)

    xoxo laurie


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