Decor Inspiration {Rustic Cozy Lakehouse}

December 09, 2014

It's a quiet peaceful morning here in hellolovelyland,
in spite of the holiday to-do list which seems to swell.
If you have a moment to breathe in this peaceful,
inspiring, architectural wonder on a lake
in the Adirondacks,
I invite you to slow down with me.

It's not everyday I have to look twice to determine
whether a space is a bedroom or a dining room, but the
room above is so cocoon-centric, it gave me pause.

The porch is a beckoning peacemaker of a space.
The gentle rhythm of swinging while breathing in the beauty
of nature all around is a heavenly prescription.

Wallpaper panels with an evergreen motif?
A brilliantly beautiful idea.
But pure in the flesh evergreen trumps it every time.

Understated, bland, low-key bedrooms may have been an option.
But look what happens when we choose an explosion of 
artful life and personality
(hint: we don't have to lose sophistication).

I just know I could write a bestseller in here.

Wondering about the exterior of this lakehouse?

“All of us have a path to follow and the path begins on earth.” 
― Richard Matheson

This location for me suggests one of those
"thin places" where the boundaries between
earth and heaven are wispy as gossamer.

Ahhhhh. I do love the interplay of tranquility,
inspiration, magic, beauty, and art.

* * * * *
I wish you pockets of peace during these
busy December days, and I hope you will
be gentle with yourselves, remembering
that you are indeed enough whether
you are running behind,
feeling depressed,
facing fear and rejection,
or all of the above.

Let love enter the equation and miraculously make it all okay.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Hi Michele, Wishing you pockets of peace as well! Your words are soothing magic.....I believe that you could write that bestseller anywhere, but this lake house would be a great place to start! What an amazing, artful place!

    1. thanks, holly. you're so sweet! i'll write, and you can join me here to paint. we will start a revolution!

  2. Oh I totally feel it, the slowing down is happening all ready. I love those floors and those cool rustic light fixtures over the island. And that bathroom....omgosh....what is that color? Yes, that's the color of a best seller...totally believe you could write one!

    1. hugs to you, leslie. slowing down sounds soooo good. hope you are enjoying your first holiday season in the new digs. :)

  3. ..and I accept the invite............. I'm a bit overscheduled at the moment and with the house still a work in progress, I'm pooped. Thanks Michele :) oxL

    1. rest, my sweet leslie. rest is good. it will all get done. i promise.

  4. Being near the water is the best therapy in the world. Don't you just love those swings on the porch. I could sooo sit out there...


    1. i can imagine the weird and deep conversations you and i could have on those swings, cindy! :)

  5. How amazing is this lake house?! Each room is a work of art - so pretty!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

    1. hi leslie! indeed. but not as exquisite as the work you do. i would love to see what segreto would do with a rustic masterpiece like this.

  6. Such a beautiful, tranquil post, Michele, from beginning to close. I love this home. I grew up spending summers in a lake house on a small island (that looked nothing like this) and find behind lakeside so soothing - even if it's one of the busy lakes that are part of the landscape in bustling Seattle. I'm thinking that a quite Christmas at this lovely home would be an absolute dream.

    Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful words. You are lovely! XOXO


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