Artist Inspiration: Margo Vanerkelens

September 26, 2016

My designer friend Greet of Lefevre Interiors
(author of the award-winning Belgian Pearls)
recently shared the work
of artist Margo Vanerkelens, and
I was compelled to go deeper into
Margo's magical world of artful wonder.

I was delighted to find up close, details of some
of her work in these images on her site...isn't
it generous and lovely that artists share
their intimate creations in such a way?

I am taken with the ethereal glow of Vanerkelens' figures.

Let's tour her lovely works, shall we?


It seems she loves so many of the same muddied
hues I favor; they evoke an autumnal soulfulness
and a graceful sophistication.





Ahhhh. I love her remark about not trying to control the work.
I can identify as I too try to become only a vessel,
a mirror really to reflect what is naturally
flowing in and around me.




I love the warmth of these works as the days grow
shorter and cooler.

How are you faring in these young days of fall?

I am busy as a squirrel.
I'm trying to get a few things planted while the
ground is still soft, and you would laugh to
witness it since giant walnuts plummet from the trees
with every breeze of the wind, at times grazing
my head and causing me to rant inwardly
"dammit, i will NOT get a concussion
planting another boxwood."

I tend to turn a bit panicky as the leaves fall and summer ends.
It is maybe my most vulnerable transition
so it's more important than ever to be
faithful to daily practices which
help to put my mind in my heart
and make space for divine
light to enter into the
darkness of my fears.

What a blessing that darkness can always be pierced.
Recent scientific research suggests dark energy
may actually be made up of massive photons
(tiny particles of light). 

I pray the brightest photons find you.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Just beautiful, Michele! Thanks for sharing her soulful paintings!

  2. Michele, I love your poetic fall interpretation.. and yes it is an interesting time.
    I too am nesting ;) and I'm so glad you are out in your garden! xo

    1. thanks for stopping, friend. the gardening has been soooooo good for me despite me not being an outdoorswoman. i love these woods.


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