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December 01, 2016

Familiar with the brilliant work of
 Chicago fine artist Francine Turk?

Most of the pieces here are from
Next Level BadAss, created as a tribute
to the legacy of Miles Davis.

Francine Turk gained attention in the early '90s with
a series of soulful charcoal nudes.

The portraits arrived in the midst of her emotional
turmoil, self-discovery and excavation.

Turk's charcoal nudes left their mark and were
featured in the films The Breakup and
Fathers and Daughters and the the TV series

Francine is an art school dropout who
exhibits internationally and has been featured
in private celebrity and corporate collections
throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Turk works in a variety of mediums and draws
upon classical historical art forms as well as
contemporary pop imagery.

The artist was hand picked by the family
and executors of the Miles Davis estate
to create work as a tribute to the legacy
of legendary virtuoso Miles Davis.

In 2015, the fine art vault of Miles Davis
was opened to her and in it, she discovered
Davis's most personal and intimate possessions:
catalogues of casual drawings, paintings and
musings that reveal a side of Davis that few ever knew.

Next Level BadAss/Miles Davis & Francine Turk
is a bold, genre-busting tribute to Davis's creative
genius that was unveiled in an exhibition in 2016,
timed to commemorate what would have been
Davis's 90th birthday and the 25th anniversary
of his death.

From her website's bio we learn:
"Francine Turk is the Guardian of the Preservation
of the Sacred Creative. She is a fine artist and
documentarian; a classicist and a nonconformist.
she is an advocate for safeguarding artifacts and
icons that have made a cultural and historical impact.
None of her bodies of work are like the other but all
of them are interconnected by one common thread--
preservation--which lives at the center of her art."

Francine Turk has partnered with Lapchi, one of the world's
most luxurious and sustainably made hand-woven carpets
(Francine Turk for Lapchi Collection) which is part of
an open-ended series incorporating the artist's signature
series Love Letters to a Matador, Love Letters to Paris
and Paris Noir, into four distinct carpets crafted from
wool, linen, and silk.

I'm such an admirer of the art of Francine Turk
and plan to attend the reveal of the Lapchi collection
in me back here soon so
I can share the inside scoop!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. LOVE the nudes! They're perfect! Thanks for sharing, Michele!

    1. aren't they special? just remembered a photo i took of one of her nudes over that insanely beautiful bar cart at the dreamhouse i need to add to this post!


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