Obama Family's New Home

December 04, 2016

How fun is it to see where President Barack Obama
and family will be living next month when they
exit the White House?

Here it is.
They will stay in D.C. and lease this 8,200 square foot home
in the Kalorama neighborhood while Sasha finishes high school.

The house is a beautifully renovated 1920's historic home
with 9 bedrooms, 8 1/2 bathrooms, and a gated courtyard
for 8 to 10 vehicles.

The Obamas are leasing the estate from former
Clinton administration Press Secretary Joe Lockart
and Giovanna Gray who purchased it in 2014.

Enjoy the house tour below, and let me
know in a comment what you think 
about the new digs.

I can imagine spending time in this kitchen.

What do you think of Barry's pad?


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  1. The exterior of this house is so pretty! The inside is sorta boring. I know! I like the bones of the house, it's just so sterile!

    1. Hi Katherine! Think maybe this is just the staged version for the real estate listing? Maybe that is why it feels impersonal/boring to you. peace to you.

  2. It's a modest home. Nothing spectacular.

    1. at least the way it presents itself in pics--I bet it will be transformed! :)

  3. Hi Michele, I love your blog and have been following for about 6 months. I would love to see a post on powder rooms. They are so small but can vary so much because of the details in lighting, counters, vanity, mirror options, etc. It has become my favorite fun room to design. What do you think?

    1. Sounds good, Bailey! I know what you mean about the fun involved as I have also done quite a few of them. You can go wild with wallcovering and really create a mood for guests that departs a little from the rest of the house. Great idea! xox


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