Mom's Swedish Accents

December 06, 2016

With all the posting about Scandinavian style holiday
decorating, I keep mentioning I grew up in a home
with all sorts of Swedish I snapped
these photos yesterday around my mom and dad's
beautiful home where I was visiting.

They live in a cozy Mediterranean style 2-story,
but you can't miss all the Scandinavian influences
in the art and palette.

My parents have always decorated very thoughtfully
for the holidays (inside and out), and the ornaments
on the tree date back to as far as I can remember.

The tree above in the library/loft sparkles with white lights
and mini Swedish ornaments as well as some "family
ornaments" which have been collected for 50 years.

They have a great big farmhouse table in the kitchen
overlooking the patio which is lined with rocking chairs.

The art on this gallery wall in the kitchen changes
with the seasons.

In a moment of spontaneity, my sister and I recently
swapped their dining and living rooms 
(at our mom's request!)
so the room below is technically
the formal dining room
(with vintage made in Sweden chandelier)
but now a cozy parlor where my mom reads
and the dogs keep watch from a window seat. 

It's such a feminine cozy space with hushed
blue-grey and pinks.

Below is the new dining area which is spacious
and perfect for holiday dinners and board games.

The candle is Cypress & Mandarin by Pottery Barn and out of this world good.

The Christmas tree in here is simply decorated with
white lights, and the Christmas cards they receive
are added to the branches daily.

It's fun to see the tree fill up with cards!

A serving cart in the new dining room

Overlooking the dining room on the
second floor is a sweet library/loft
where the grandchildren hang.

Swedish dala horses, wood hearts, and straw horses
decorate the simple Scandinavian tree.

Back downstairs in the kitchen, there are touches
of red and handpainted Swedish everything,
all gathered very casually and cheerfully.
Objects move around, and there is
always a lot of deliciousness
happening in here.

What you are seeing above is the kitchen table.
Some Carl Larsson puzzles are under the
farmhouse table's glass top.

The open concept kitchen/family room is
perfect for entertaining.

My mom has these custom holiday arrangements
created in her favorite vintage bowls.

Back in the kitchen, this beautiful
Nativity below is one of my mom's


Not that they have just ONE Nativity...

I'm spying another one...

and another.

They love the art of Carl Larsson, and you
will find the artist's work throughout their home. 

The library/loft is a happy gathering spot
with lots of colors from the books
and a quote from Dr. Seuss.

And someone in the household has been
collecting royal family everything for


Thanks for touring their holiday home
with me, and I think you can clearly see
I was very blessed to grow up with this
backdrop of festive Scandinavian touches
during the holidays.

If you missed these recent posts,
you just may enjoy taking a peek:

Are you getting your merry on yet?

I am always mindful of how the holidays
can be difficult for so many folks for
various reasons...if you find yourself
feeling that it's NOT the most wonderful
time of the year, I honor you and
hope you will be gentle with yourself
(and that others will be sensitive to you).

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. I love the Swedish horses, and Santa Lucia celebrations are so beautiful, I was invited to one in Barcelona, it was very sweet! Merry Christmas from Spain!

    1. hi marta! yes, santa lucia is something i was a part of as a girl and such a beautiful tradition. merry christmas, friend.

  2. Absolutely gogeous!!! Love all these refinded Swedish accents!

    1. merci, Greet. my mom will love that you visited this post! xox

  3. What a lovely Christmas home your Mom has! Thanks for sharing all her lovely decorations with us!

    1. thanks for taking the time to tour their home, holly. hope you are doing well and creating beautiful pieces during these holy days. xox

  4. Such a beautiful home Michele! Thanks for sharing xoxo

    1. thanks for the kind words, leslie. i love love love seeing all the merry going on in your gorgeous kitchen. Gram on, lovely!

  5. I am over the moon in love with your posts on Scandinavian design and your Mom's house is absolutely lovely. It was fun to read of your holiday memories and the past posts with the Scandinavian design elements. Perfection Michele - perfection! Thank you!

    1. i'm so glad you are enjoying. a perfectly natural fit with my upbringing, sensibilities, and passion for simple European style! hope you are enjoying these winter wonderland days, joan!

  6. You know I'm a fan of the Swedish style! Beautiful home, Michele. I have a little collection of Dala horses. xoxo


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