Random inspiration: swedish and suede-ish

December 27, 2012

You: What's with the Swedish
vibe on Hello Lovely? You swedish?

My heritage remains a mystery.
But quite frankly,
I feel Swedish in my bones,
and I can't get enough of the stuff.

On with the Swede show...

april and may

Let's all take a moment to
savor this scandi-serenity, shall we?

marie elisabeth

Swede or not, if you are a painter and don't
feel compelled immediately to grab
your brush after seeing
the photo above,
indeed, I must check
to see if you have
a pulse,
mina kattungar
(my kittens).

I only buy what I cannot live without.
Hence, I snagged the Lynx pillow...on SALE!

Swedish blogsista Monika
(classic and edgy royal highness she is)
has expanded the selection at her shop
Splendid Avenue,
where there are great steals
to be scored right now.

Another sweet steal on sale...this cardigan and

 a quality-made foxy wolf.

Did you know my last name
is fox in French?

and what a foxy gotland sheepskin in the shop!


Splendid Avenue

Go find your bargains!
Should you find treasures at Splendid Avenue,
make sure to leave my name
 when cued at the end of
the order process...the shop has
a killer referral credit!

Peace to you right where you are.

Nothing too Swedish about this pic
from Christmas day, but rather SUEDE-ISH.
I wanted to show you
these suede heart headbands I made
for me and family
at our feast and festival of rock.
The suede was taken from a
departed friend's jacket,
and these were a tribute
to him.

me, Bon, and Jo

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  1. Beautiful spaces. Thanks for sharing them - I so love Scandinavian design!

  2. I have been smitten with the love of Nordic/French style homes.I also love a farmhouse look and have been mixing that all into my home in the past year.What's not to love right!Great photo of you all!

  3. Fun post..and love this look. Its so ethereal and serene and inviting and cozy and beautiful and well...I could go on! And love Mon's selections too...so unique. Happy 2013 Michele!

  4. Hi Michele,

    Glad you are enjoying your down time between the holidays and .. doing a little shopping :) Love the pillow you bought! I've got my eye on the sheep skin:) I like the simple, clean, neutral style and everything always looks organized and uncluttered. My husband's grandpa was born in Switzerland (both my kids were born toe-heads!) so I feel a touch of Swedish decor is appropriate in our home.

    Enjoy the rest of the week. I have company until Jan. 2 .. the day I go back to work. It's busy but I like it.


  5. I love the look too.....I wish I owned 5 homes so I could decorate each one different. There are to many styles I love. Cute post!

  6. Three cool blondes there! :) Looking good!! Thanks for all the Swedish inspirations, Michele. Warm wishes for the rest of 2012 and a glorious New Year ahead!

  7. Love the Swedish eye candy! Hope you had a great holiday, and happy new year!!

  8. I would definitely vote YES that you are Swedish!! You seem to gravitate towards their design aesthetics so naturally. I think it is perfect for YOU!
    xo to my sweet Swede Michele.

  9. Pretty pictures! Makes me want to cuddle up with some hot tea and take a nap.

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  10. Loving the Swedish vibe and the headbands too. Happy New Year!

  11. you guys are swedehearts. i mean suedehearts. i mean. forget it.


  12. Love it. I think when my kids are grown (and I'll be so so old) I will have this look. All white. All clean, and minimalist. I can just meet them and their children at a restuarant. Ahhhh it would be so peaceful!!!!!! Very pretty!

  13. Sassy, gorgeous blondes, suede heart bands and perfect teeth. Not fair! Looking more Swedish than I!!

    What a generous and totally unexpected shout-out. You are the bestest gal in blog land and everyone's favorite! Yep.

    I have spent 2 days looking for fun Sweeeeedish things for Valentine's. I picked something with you in mind. You will see soon!

    Warm hugs to you wonderful friend. Expect a call before the year is up.


    P.S Remind me to tell you about Santa coming (or leaving rather!) our home in an ambulance!

  14. OMG what a divine blog .. full of beauty and oozing with love and passion , so glorious xoxo

  15. Beautiful images - I so enjoyed visiting your blog!

  16. I don't know if I like it because I'm Swedish, but I do :)
    And of course I will visit Splendid Willow !


  17. Great post Michelle! I love anything Swedish, French, or English. Cute pic of you guys!!
    Wishing you all the best in the New Year my friend!

  18. Thanks so much for stopping by This Gal Cooks! I am LOVING your blog. This post and your other posts are GREAT! I am now following via email.

    Have a safe and Happy New Year!


  19. Ooooooo what yummy photos. I was dying over the photo with the book, and sure enough, you commented about how it should be painted, YES! it should...! And the chair in that first photo, actually, the whole room is wonderful. I want that cardigan... and Love your heart headbands, what an awesome tribute to your friend...


  20. i was totes thinking of you, CINDY! i would love to see a still life or interior scene with your gorgeous strokes.

    stop it with the perfect teeth. i have to see the ortho for 'stabilization!' scared outta my friggn mind. how i wish i had inherited my mom's perfect teeth!

  21. Hello ,

    I am à follower but want to say here that I love your blog .

    Greetjngs from Gea

  22. hey girlie...just wanted you to know you won the Trader Joe's give-away on my blog!! email me your mailing address:)

  23. Hello Michelle,

    Thank you for your sweet comment ❤

    I really like your blog, bookmarked it immediately :) and will put you on my photolink as soon as I sit down by my computer (iPad atm)

    Swedish New Years Hug

  24. What wonderful images - just adore the serene feel of anything Swedish - wishing you all the best in 2013, Michele!!

  25. Love all of it, I am enamored with white interiors in the winter as well! Love the pillows too!
    Have a safe, healthy and Happy New year!!! Looking forward to your great posts in 2013!
    XO Karolyn

  26. love those funny reader comments! I adore the Swedish style too and I am definitely not Swedish. I love that first image - so cool and wintery feeling.

  27. I want that coffee on a book in my bed. How amazing!

  28. Definitely count me in for savouring the Scandi serenity Michele. Love the soft greys, creamy whites, and coziness.

  29. Both of my parents are from Sweden and are Swedish decent, so I am 100% Swedish even though I was born in California. My sister was born in Sweden so she's the real thing. My mom and sister returned recently visiting my mom's sister in Stockholm. My aunt does lovely paintings of feathers, like the pillow above. Everyone related to me can paint, especially my daughter. I just dabble with crafts and sewing. Lovely images from Sweden and French pastries in your other posts (another favorite of mine).

  30. Gorgeous images, always fresh and inspiring! thanks for sharing them over at the party last week! Happy New Year, Michele!


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