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December 03, 2012

Just home from my family home in Arizona,
there were reminders of a fond love affair with
Swedish culture and hospitality
in every single room.

Many years ago, I shared
 Creating the Look: Swedish Style
by Katrin Cargill with my mom,
and this designer's flair for Swedish style
is as relevant and engaging as ever.

A sampling of Cargill's work:

My folks have a similar old crystal
chandelier from Sweden in their dining room.

So much interest.

This may very well be my next kitchen.

I will share photos of my mom's
decorating soon, and we remain
grateful for the many prayers
and good wishes on her behalf.
Breast cancer has touched so many
of us, and our hearts have widened
in new ways since this diagnosis
turned our worlds upside down.

Peace to you right where you are.

My mind is scattered these days.
Maybe you can remind me in a
comment if I have missed a
post you want me to see.
I don't want you to feel

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  1. I can't wait to visit visit her site. This is gorgeous Michele. The crystal chandelier is amazing! The kitchen .. the mora clock.. lots of eye candy here. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Welcome home, how is your mom? So hope all the prayers and well wishes are speeding her recovery along. I am sure you enjoyed your special time together. Just beautiful work..its so peaceful and serene, exactly how I think of elegant Swedish design.
    Glad you are back Michele :)

  3. I love Swedish style, too. Thanks for sharing these photos. That kitchen is gorgeous!

  4. Welcome home, Michele! So glad to hear your mom is doing better.

    I've admired Katrin Cargill for a long time. Her work just keeps getting better. Lovely inspirations here!

  5. Welcome home, Michele. I'll continue to keep your mother and your entire family in our thoughts and prayers. So much beauty in these photos, they make me feel peaceful. Sending a little bit of that peaceful energy your way. XOXO

  6. I am all too familiar
    with the beast that
    is breast cancer, walking
    that journey again with
    my dear friend. I hope
    your mom is healing
    and I'm sure that your
    visit really lifted her spirits!

    I absolutely adore the
    Swedish style. It just
    fits how I feel at this
    point in my life, and
    living in a cold, dark,
    winter climate.

    Welcome home, sweet

    xo Suzanne

  7. Oh wow, looks like your mom has an amazing eye for decor like you. I love that kitchen, and that's your parents dining room with the wallpaper and the bench? It's wonderful. Can't wait to see more and glad to hear you guys are all doing ok...


  8. thanks for the warm welcome.

    sorry if i made it confusing: all of these images are from katrin cargill's site. i will give you peeks of my mom's place soon.


  9. Is there anything more beautiful than Swedish design?! I love the serene yet sophisticated feel. So happy you are home and happy your Mom is better - been thinking about you ~

  10. Hi gorgeous.....I seem to be a little behind sorry about your Mom.....
    After you get that kitchen I want it!!!

  11. Love this style...I think she has worked with Carol Glasser...They both have the same work on their web-sites.

  12. Michele, your blog is gorgeous, gorgeous. I just signed up for emails from your blog. I don't want to miss any wow!! I could live here!!

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, sweet Michele. Glad that you are back home and ready for the holidays.
    Love the Swedish look.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Tuesday.

  14. Welcome home Michele and I hope for the very best for your Mom and I'm looking forward to seeing her decorating style. Now you have me hooked on Katrin's style so I'm off for more of a look.

    Be well my friend!

  15. Hi sweetie...

    I was dreaming around here today.. saw so many posts that I missed for a while. I ador you and your spirit... you're a bright person in many levels, M.


    Luciane at

  16. Beautiful post Michele.
    Thank you for sharing Katrin's style.
    Our thoughts are with you and your Mum.
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  17. I hope your Mom is well and you had an amazing time in sunny Arizona! Love this gal's work... amen to the kitchen... so timeless and dreamy! You have amazing taste Michele!! Thanks for sharing these amazing photos - I can't get enough of the Swedish! I hope you have a fabulous holiday season!!!


  18. Thankyou for showcasing that beautiful home...and I hope that your Mum will be well soon...hugs, Robx

  19. Warm wishes for your Mum xoxo
    Those images are gorgeous! Subtle, neutral yet full of charm and interest - love that.

  20. Love these design elements! Sending prayers for your Mum.

  21. Ahhh... Swedish favorite. Thanks for visiting. Love your blog!

  22. i love those white piece in that cabinet, and boy, i am super jealous of your paris trip. that's definitley on my bucket list-i'm sure you had an amazing time!

  23. I love swedish design:)
    Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures!!


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