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October 28, 2013

What happens when
illustrator Robbi Behr 
and writer Matthew Swanson,
(husband & wife behind Idiots' Books)
collaborate on a playful flippity flappity
never ending story?
illustrations - Robbi Behr
Cheeky fun.
Their interactive book of odd tales makes
for a whimsical fun gift so check out:
(Chronicle, 2013).

One of the 10,000 stories my flippin flips told:
"Irwin collected the local pets with a large net and a long van, never offering a suitable explanation. His surprising behavior made the people uneasy, but no one spoke a word of complaint, ensnared as they were in the throes of an irresistible charisma. This uneasy situation persisted throughout the long winter. The animals were kept on a sloop in the bay. Sounds of their joy could be heard in the hilltop village. The next day, apologies were issued, the first one to Sam, who had been offended in a most unpleasant manner."

another offbeat gem of a duo: me and jo

Imaginative geniuses at work...
Hey Santa's helpers:
Bet you know someone who will appreciate
Ten Thousand Stories: An Ever-Changing Tale of Tragic Happenings
that lets YOUUUUUUU be the flippin author (sorrrrrrryyyyy).

Click for a list of beautiful design books to inspire.

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  1. How precious!! Looks fun!
    Hope that you are doing well, sweet Michele!

  2. Looks and your sister are so cute together...

  3. Looks like a fun book! :-)

  4. A little crazy is a good thing, thats what my best friend and I always tell each other! Especially when its a crazy sense of humor! Great, thanks for sharing this!

  5. Quirky, fun and great illustrations. Love it! XOXO

  6. Sounds great fun, Michele!! You've piqued my interest :) :)
    Ciao ciao,

  7. Hi Michele, thanks for the link to that book, it looks like something really enjoyable. I have a children's book which I've had for at least 25 years. It has a fantastical set up like that too with images which can flip thru the pages. Love it. Maybe it's time for the adult version. :) Hugs and I hope your week is shaping up to be lovely.

  8. Hello, Hello Lovely! So exciting to find myself (ourselves) (or, really, our book) written about here, Michele - thank you! Even though I illustrated it, I'm still surprised by some of the combinations that come up. We're so pleased that you consider it an "offbeat gem" - a compliment of the highest order. Off to celebrate with some ice cream now...


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