Artist Inspiration: Emily Winfield Martin

October 24, 2013

Mysterious Girls from The Black Apple - Kitten Bandit Print 8x10
Kitten Bandit

This is as spooky as you're gonna get
this halloween at Hello Lovely.
No time for bats or masqueraded
door-to-door beggars of sugar.
Displeased with the halloween grinching?
It aint on accounta the Jesus lovin.
The creepster holiday just isn't a fav
(yep, this coming from one with an affinity for
skulls, wolf paws, and bobcat teeth).

Portrait with Pet Bat / Large Print 11x14
Portrait with Pet Bat

I lied about the bats!
Don't you love the whimsy and imagination
of artist  Emily Winfield Martin?
Emily's new book is
Dream Animals
(Random House, 2013).

Does this trick-or-treater have her
Steve Martin and Kate Moss far-away look
down to an art or what?

In the Spring, She Married a Bear / Large Print 11x14
In the spring she married a large bear

I feel unwelcome to this wedding, do you?

Shirley Poppy Print 8x10
Shirley Poppy

Emily's flower girls are all that.

Pansy Print 8x10
So go ahead and get your ghosty thrills on,
you halloweenie apple bobbers.

Crocheted newborn hat: Cottage in the Pines

 Mrs. Peepers in the cat beanie
and I will be hiding indoors in the light.

p.s. check out the owl:

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  1. Thank you so much the display is just perfect, Grandma G. from COTTAGE IN THE PINES

  2. Wonderful post. We just added a Mrs. Peepers look alike to the family! Maybe I need a cat beanie.

  3. Love that artwork! Just fantastic! However, I think the dog takes the cake!!!

  4. So cool! So very cool. Love the portraits and ofcourse Mrs. Peepers' little woolen cap too.

  5. Since i am a total scaredy cat Halloween has always spooked me too. These images are gorgeous! Perfect recipe of whimsy and beauty. The beanies..way too cute. Wish Teddy would reconsider revamping his wardrobe to include one:)

  6. Lovely, whimsical and a little magical. I love it. And Mrs. Peepers hat, too. Enjoy the peace and warmth of and coziness of the great indoors! XOXO

  7. Beautiful illustrations! :-)


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