Artist Inspiration & Beach House Decor Inspiration {kelsi vande velden}

September 24, 2014

I know fall has arrived, and every blogger and their dog
is thinking falling leaves and hot cider, but humor me, yes?
(For corn's sake, there is cableknit in this post, and that
should count for somethin'.)
* * *
Keeping with the beachy vibe from my last post,
check out Kelsi Vande Velden's charming
Hawaiian nest where she creates
one of a kind sundial watches.

Kelsi hails from Wisconsin (just a stone's throw from me)
and inspires me with her design sensibilities, free spirit,
and courage to build a life in a new place.

A gorgeous antique Balinese door became her headboard.

Her studio (Pandeia) is tucked away deep in the jungle,
on the island of Maui.

Pandeia's motto:

"Stay true, be strong and always follow your inner compass."

I have a sneaky suspicion you will be seeing more
Pandeia lovely on this blog...I'm hooked and
thinking dreamily about Hawaii where I will
be vacationing in January.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Love it..what a great vibe, I can almost feel that wonderful island breeze just blowing through now...for a second I thought it was YOU! And that you snuck off to Hawaii without telling us:)

    1. i think you picked up on the fact i WANT to be that beautiful designer living in paradise!

  2. How divine! What beautiful free spirit she is! Also, how badly do I want that headboard??

    1. me too! i love that because of the colors, it has a feminine, lacy effect.

  3. My Brother lives in Hawaii, on the main island, and as creative as he is in building homes, he has the joy and beauty of the island breeze all around him. I could imagine how creative it must be to create in this kind of atmosphere. As for her head board it's wonderful, and how romantic it is that she kept her designs in island keeping.
    Beautiful post.

    Beautifully inspiring.


    1. oh to have family in hawaii! thanks, dore. i love how she incorporates island-y objects in a way that appears very organic and unplanned.

  4. Lovely post and I went to her site. One sundail watch is going on my heart's desire list : ) Patty/NS

    1. isn't her site amazing? how is our little cow hide adjusting to the new house and NS?


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