European Country Decor Inspiration {caroline clifton-mogg}

September 17, 2014

open shelving white kitchen vintage.jpg

Author of
 Modern Retro: From Rustic to Urban, Classic to Colourful,
these creme-tastic images from interior design
specialist Caroline Clifton-Mogg can be seen in
Decorating with China and Glass
(photos by Simon Upton) and just turn me to

plate platter display wall hanging martha stewart collection.jpg

I love this Londoner's eye!

vintage industrial locker plate displate storage.jpg

A locker in the dining room!

Clifton-Mogg chronicles a breathtaking
French country project:
Modern Country: Inspiring interiors for contemporary country living
(Quarto, 2014).

No traces of Americana 'country' here in this volume!
No modern take on milk cans or plaques reading
some version of "Bless this Mess."
BTW, why on earth would anyone ever wish to announce their untidy leanings?

Instead, beauty, lightness, inspiration, and
rural sophistication reign beautifully.

Modern Country: Inspiring interiors for contemporary country living

"Throughout the book we can see the inventive
and imaginative ideas and solutions that home owners
 have employed to make their home, large or small,
worth living in," (Caroline Clifton-Mogg)

I am devouring Modern Country: Inspiring interiors for contemporary country living as I
dream of barns, beams, imaginative retreats,
and joie de vivre in the natural countryside.

Does modern European country style move you?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Need to buy my own copy! Is there a book store open at 12:35 AM ?? Lol!
    So let's see no sleep, inspired by your post, and can't wait for the stores and shops to open in the late am.


    Ps. Me too on the barn beams and such! I have to think about moving soon hmmmm! A lot to look into design wise

    1. hahaha. happy to be a cause for insomnia. wishing you extra reserves of strength if you're serious about moving. not for the faint of heart!

  2. Just got it last night...and even though this is a spoiller alert it is the very best kind! Holy cow....GORGEOUS!

    1. as bloggers it is our ordained right to spoil! (ordained? don't listen to me.) :)


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