Decor Inspiration {Beautiful Exposed Brick Walls}

April 10, 2015

Brick Kitchen Backsplash - Cottage - kitchen - Herlong & Associates

Beautiful brick makes a stunning backdrop,
and these examples create a quiet wow.

exposed brick wall kitchen design 7 ideas

brick wall kitchen design 9 ideas

brick wall, chandelier, with whites. Pretty cool. Maybe for a accent wall for kitchen or bar

A Gallery of Cozy Cottage Kitchens | Apartment Therapy

Peace to you right where you are, friends

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Beautiful post, beautiful you! I'm lovin' the brick wall in the bedroom pared with that sparkly chandelier! Oh my goodness.

  2. I agree with Holly. That brick wall in the bedroom with the gorgeous chandelier is stunning! Wow!
    Great post Michelle!

  3. Hmm...I'm loving the shade of that brick with the sleek stainless in the kitchen...!

  4. This provokes memories of my Manhattan apartment in the 90's that had an exposed brick wall in the living room- I miss it!

  5. There is no design element that I would rather have in my home than a (or many) brick wall. But alas...

  6. Oh to have such humble materials as brick in my home. It's such a statement that need not have one piece of art hanging on it, the brick speaks for itself.
    That last picture I've seen before, and it's one I could invission living in :)

    See you soon,
    Are you thinking about brick in your next home ?


  7. i sure am! i remain busy organizing and navigating our biggest move ever. and i have been so swamped that i just realized i have not included the sources for these beautiful images! i apologize and will try to locate them and give proper credit. please forgive, friends.

  8. I love the ceiling and the curved bench in the third photo and the brick in the bedroom is fantastic!! We're in the midst of organizing and navigating the sale of our house and shopping for a new one. I empathize with you. It pretty much puts other areas of your life on hold. So blessed to be able to do it though. : )

    ~ Wendy

  9. Yes to brick walls, always! I love them...have them in my very first apt. when we married and have loved them ever since:)


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