Tiny Homes: Shipping Container House Tour

April 17, 2015

The purge and downsize are underway!
While not yet ready to re-locate to a tiny mobile
house on a trailer, I have crushed on these cuties
(and shipping container homes!)
for years and blog about them as sort of
a love note to our grown sons
who adore them too.

207 square feet plus 110 s.f. in the loft...
would you, could you?


Curious about buying a tiny house houseplan?
Find it here.

I am a little weary at the moment from
packing and living with uncertainty.
This whole experience is stretching
and refining me, and if I survive
it, I bet I will have rich
thoughts to share.

Right now, I can offer
dark undereye circles,

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Oh I could so tiny house it. Long as it has French doors so I can open it up to a covered patio for that extra out doors living space. Of yes I could so do it... Love what the do with the train cargo cars and steal storage containers. I bet you could do it Michelle knowing you it will still house all your style inside and out.

    Keep purging, and don't look back, the future holds an amazing life ahead of you no matter how small or large, new or old, it's all in your creative hands and you will gutsy it up in all your vision.

    See you soon knee deep in boxes.


    1. good gracious, you're a wise, tender soul who never fails to encourage me just when i need it. love to you, dore.xox

  2. Those might be a little small.....unless there was just me! Cute though:)

    1. i know! where do you get away from your housemates!?! how about a series of them on a compound?

  3. Boy, I know how you feel! I have been cleaning and purging and knocked a rib out of place! Boy...this purging can be dangerous!

  4. Oh Michele. I've been thinking about you! Wondering what was happening with your home. So escrow closed? You're already packing and getting ready to move? Sigh. Oh I can so relate to the weariness that comes with all the cleaning and purging...and the UNCERTAINTY. When I think back to last year and how we moved three times in six months before finally buying our home...well, it's like a dream really. I hope you pace yourself. And listen to your body. I noticed that I kept feeling tired and I think it was more emotional than physical. I know you're quite the 'feeler' too. Please keep us posted about your move. And in the meantime I'm sending you a big celebratory hug.

    1. mmmmmm. thanks for the hug, leslie. definitely a season to see what i'm made of, and i'm fierce, mama. but moving...oy!

  5. So cute and what a well done space.....being severely claustrophobic that would not work for me, but I must say its quite clever!

  6. Oh, it looks so cozy and nice I would love to live in one like this = )


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