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December 28, 2010

Fitzhugh Karol

It's a conspiracy.
Everywhere you turn is another
interior design reference to barns.

Don't you love how rustic wood
properly paired and contrasted with 
pristine millwork and walls
feels earthy and alive?

The access to the loft (above)
in this NY apartment is
pure genius as the ladder
also serves the bookcases!

In our latest DIY project
(finished lower level)
we incorporated sliding
barn doors for architectural interest.
I'll post pics soon!

Amy Neunsinger

Frank Greenwald (Ina Garten's barn)

If you spotted Ina Garten's
East Hampton barn
in House Beautiful,
you may have noticed she
swapped the harvest table
for an elegant skirted round.

The kitchen island is a mere 18 feet--
can you imagine?

Frank Greenwald

Frank Greenwald

Omg, I love Ina's patio.

Elle Decor (Meg Ryan's home)

Meg Ryan's "barn-ish" home
was recently renovated
on Martha's Vineyard.
It has a
more California vibe
and appears to have required
an ocean of white paint!

Meg's kitchen is intriquing
with its greenhouse feel.
I can't help but think:
streaks and smudges
visible from both sides
(perhaps the housekeeper
is pondering the same thing).

via Remodelista

Even the tracks for the doors are gorgeous.

via Mary Ruffle

See more of architect
Frank Greenwald's work

I wasn't born in a barn but now I kinda wish I had been, ya know?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. I also love homes inspired by barns or restored barns.... maybe I was a horse (to not say cow) before this life! lol But, seriously... isn't it so beautiful, charming and full of personality? I love all the pictures you've found but Ina's house is just "OMG"!

    I love coming here, M. You really inspire me.


    Luciane at

    PS: I was laughing with your comment about not using too much grout for the bathroom for the 2 boys.... I totally get it! lol


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