My Home: A Serene and Soulful Guest Bedroom

December 24, 2010

all photos - Hello Lovely Studio

Some of the finishing touches are still missing
for our guest room furnished with tag sale finds,
but I'm loving the peaceful spa-licious vibe.

The 1940s bed and dresser were snagged for
$75 and quickly covered in White Dove.

I've collected conch and other shells
for years and love how they pair with
old silver, ironstone...okay, everything.

The old wine box has been with us
for years! It keeps getting better.

This dropleaf table was $5 and pretty gnarly.
I painted it and it's now a vanity with
some fancy products and a modern abstract

It was the shell motif that won me over.

Commissioned drawings by
Alicia Lynne Carrier.
The panel at center is by me.

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  1. That bed is to die for! Gorgeous!

  2. oh wow! i think this is what i call Heaven! all white and soulful and beautiful! i could fantasize staying there! thanks for sharing!

    Susan @


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