Personal Reflections: Art in the Universe and Your Skull

December 03, 2010

BIG: Valley of dessert in Iran

These images are not
abstract paintings
or from anyone's imagination.

They are actually
Nasa satellite photos
of the earth I found online.

I have paired them here with
microscopic shots
of structures within the brain
from  a new book
you don't have to be
a neuroscientist to appreciate.

Ever read an astronomy book
and pondered the vastness of the universe
while taking a peek at another book on microbes
or something else invisible to the naked eye?

Do it!

The beauty and artistry of the the big and small blew my mind.

tiny: golgi stain

BIG: glacier icecap

tiny: axon scaffolding proteins

BIG: West fjords

tiny: blood vessels in cerebral cortex

BIG: dry streambeds in Jordan

tiny: axons

BIG: whirlpool cloud between Spain and Morocco

COOL: New book by Carl Schoonover: PORTRAITS OF THE MIND

The planet is gorgeously made,
and you and your lovely
neurons are too.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Michelle,

    Somehow I feel even prettier inside! :-)

    This is TRULY an amazing and interesting post!


    Luciane at

  2. Thank you! You totally get it, Luciane. That is exactly the point I was hoping to convey visually: the universe and all of us were created masterfully and perfectly to be loved.


Your comments add to the beauty...thanks in advance for your kindness.


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