Decor Inspiration: Interior Designer Vicente Wolf

December 19, 2010

For 30 years,
designer, photographer, and art collector

Vicente Wolf

has impacted residential and commercial
spaces with his mix of
global, artful, and simplicity-driven

A few of my favorites from VW:

To learn more about the designer,

Peace to you right where you are

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  1. I have one word about VW: SEXY! His design and himself. Am I the only one? lol Do I have a crush on him? OMG! Nooo.. lol.... lol.... but I love his smile.

    Oh, Michelle... don't forget to see my post today. It's a "Thank you" note to my blogging friends and readers.


    Luciane at

  2. I just adore everything he does. The last image...perfection!!

  3. I knooooowwwwww, right? L., are we twins separated at birth? VW's smile is hands down the sexiest EVER.


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