Decor Inspiration: Interior Designer Sarah Richardson

December 17, 2010

Design Inc.
was a fabulous TV show
and a team of designers.

The show launched after 'Room Service'
and before 'Sarah's House.'

How cheerful is this nursery?

Anybody else remember this
fantastic episode featuring a yurt?
Yes, a yurt.
Google it.

No kidding.
Inside the yurt!

Find more samples from Design Inc. here
and Sarah's portfolio here.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Hello, Michelle!

    I LOVE SR! She's definitely my favorite Canadian designer (shhhh) lol. I've seen all of her shows. I want to win the lottery to have her designing my house! lol

    Beautiful post, Michelle!

    Have a blessed weekend,


    Luciane at

    PS: I think it's so cute you calling me "L". You're the first one! :-) It's sweet. :-)

  2. I Love the yurt! I'll have to try to watch the episode on line! I've got a yurt for a Massage Therapy Studio.

  3. Luciane - If I win the lottery, we'll get SR to do both our homes!

    Barbara - so pleased to meet you--I've never had the pleasure of a massage and never visited a yurt! How charming!


  4. I used to record all these shows to my DVR. Is not on anymore?

  5. i think it's just broadcast in Canada at the moment.
    i loved that show!

  6. I get this on HGTV in the U.S. Love it, love her, love her sense of design and color. Her sidekick, Tommy, is too much!

  7. Love watching her on Sara's House. She is very talented.

  8. she's got that happy vibe without being cutesy. i love that.


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