Books: Simple Home by Mark & Sally Bailey

August 16, 2011

Simple can be a relative term,
can it not?

This blogger can frequently be heard chanting:
It takes discipline and effort to turn away
from complicated though.

So today my thoughts are turned
to how to truly achieve the elusive
"simple home."

According to
Mark & Sally Bailey,
authors of
(Ryland Peters & Small)

"The simple home is calm and uncluttered,
with each item carefully chosen.
It's in tune with the current desire
to buy well-made, well-designed items
that will grow old gracefully,
and to create homes that are
sustainable and stylish."

The Baileys' color scheme?
Inspired by nature to create tranquility.

And comfort?
It's "paramount," they say,
"...with cosy textiles
and warm wood."

The philosophy of the simple home
embraces recycling.
"Recycling furniture and materials will give your home
an air of individuality, with old and new objects living
happily alongside each other."

even includes the Baileys'
own recipes for cleaning products
without harsh chemicals.

Debi Treloar's inspiring photography
beautifully captures
the simple home philosophy
which beckons us to surround ourselves
with only those objects we truly cherish
in order to enjoy a calm and uncluttered home.

random twisted thought of the moment:
Do you suppose if my life
ever slows down and becomes
really calm and simple,
*let us not forget I have teens,
hormonal  imbalance,
and assorted anxiety issues*
I will want to clutter my home
with loud color and lots of unnecessary
to keep myself stimulated and awake????

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Simple, but not so simple. I love the depths of textures and styles.


  2. I love the simplicity of this home and the outside table and chairs and wonderful and love the chippiness.

  3. Trust me even uncluttering our space hasn't made life simple or calm except in one area: house cleaning! Love these spaces but they don't always have to be white to be simple and calm. Looks and sounds like an interesting read, thanks!

  4. *sigh*.... I really wish my life was simple and beautiful like this. :)

  5. Just lovely ! I just can't do simple I love stuff too much!!
    Pamela xo

  6. these books look great - will see if I can pick them up somewhere.

    Our modern lives are too often complicated and wrought with material things - time to pare down.

  7. simple is not as easy to achieve as a lot of people imagine!

    you will not regret owning this fabulous book--so inspiring.


  8. that just might be possible...we'll see you splashing color all over your home! hahaha ;)
    i am in love with the chippy paint metal chairs and saw horse table from the book!!

  9. perhaps i'll start with POPS of color and see what happens to my mood, yes?


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