Personal Reflections; Gratitude

August 14, 2011

"At times our own light goes out
and is rekindled by a spark
from another person.
Each of us has cause
to think with deep gratitude
of those who have lighted
the flame within us. "

~Albert Schweitzer

The 1875 Swedish New Testament above is a gift from a dear blog GF

I will always treasure.

My baby shoes with bells. So grateful mom saved them for me.

My heart is glowing with gratitude today.
For friends and inspiring souls
who 'light the flame' within me.

All those 'little' things sweet souls
do that really aren't 'little' at all.

The words
"Let's go for a walk."
A wink.

A friend brought
fresh eggs over last week...
brown and hushed blue beauties.
The colors spoke to me.

fills us up,
propels us forward
and even re-ignites the flame
of creativity.

a rustic commissioned piece I recently completed.

I love that flame!

The verse from Jeremiah
offers such incredible reassurance.

Here's another prayerful collage I
recently created for a lovely lady
with a fabulous blog.

I had been waiting for just the right project
to use this very old English pewter polo player pin,
and Alison calls home a former polo property!

Wishing you sparks today...
and the desire to pass it on.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Love the bible
    quote and have
    a daughter that
    could use just
    those words to
    prop her up this
    school year. I
    imagine that the
    friends in both
    your real and bloggy
    worlds must love
    you ~ I sure do!
    xx Suzanne

  2. Yep we love Michele, what's not to love? What a kind and generous gift your bloggy friend gave you and love the heart stone we have found a few here in our soil.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Michele, a truly lovely post with so many special elements combined with life lessons!

    Thank you!


    Art by Karena

  4. Dear Michelle,
    Beautiful post with so much truth. A friend of ours gave us a old roseary and bible before our travels. This was the kindest yet meaningfull gift of freindship.

    Hope you have a MAKE a Difference Monday!

    Renee and Angela

  5. You.. you're the one with a beautiful soul, my friend!
    This post brought tears to my eyes... it spoke to my soul.

    Enough said. :-)

    Love to you!


    Luciane at

  6. You have always been a flame to me!! Thank you for sharing such inspirational thoughts and moments! You are such a beautiful person!!!

    Love ya,


  7. Your gift is so beautiful and I love the mosaic of loveliness and memories. Your art is so amazing and so inspiring my dear friend, thank you for your sparks today. :)

  8. I so appreciate the good feeling of you pass on with your beautiful and inspiring posts, my lovely. Your art is gorgeous and thoughtful as always, I am such a fan!

    Happy new week to you, sweet lady.

    Meera xx

  9. Lovely post today! My husband and I have been living and praying the Jeremiah verse since he lost his job 14 months ago and has yet to find one. Indeed, it is truly comforting.

  10. beautiful soulful creativity....

    love your heart rock!


  11. Hi Michele,
    Monika's max'd out this week so asked me to drop by and say hi. And I'm so happy to see the book found a great home.
    Peter C. from Splendid Willow

  12. thank you so much, Peter!

    it will always have a good home.


  13. Michele,

    That Peter must be one formal hightech executive! Please....

    We LOVE your artwork at our home and get to admire it everyday when we trott up and down the staircase.

    You are one creative artist my friend and so brilliant with the camera!

    Hugs to you,


  14. Michele,
    This post is just gorgeous and the first verse brought tears to my eyes.
    So lovely and poignant -- just like you.
    Your kindness has most definitely touched my heart and kept my little light burning on some recent gray days.

    Much love from
    one of your biggest fans~
    Alison :)

    Thanks for telling me about this!

  15. What a beautiful blog you have here, Michele. x


Your comments add to the beauty...thanks in advance for your kindness.


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