Decor Inspiration: Norwegian Lovely jippi style! {yippeee-i-ayyyyy!}

December 18, 2013

Chez Aleth et Mathieu 2 Mai 2013

I'm always gushing about Swedish design
cuz it is MAJOR, but it's time I bring balance
to the blog and give Norway some love.
My husband (and so the children) have a good
percentage of Norwegian in em.

So say hello to
J I P P I!

Created in Paris, Jippi’s aim is to promote Norwegian past
and present design, using skins from Norway,
wood, ceramics, and leather.

Photo : Marion Leflour

Isn't Jippi all kindza wonderful?
The use of skins is an ancestral tradition
in Scandinavia, harking back to its first inhabitants.


Jippi skins can adorn an armchair or sofa,
be used as a carpet or bedspread,
or even decoration on a wall.

Photo : Lionel Du Chatellier

Jippi also offers blankets woven in Norway,
vintage and contemporary ceramics,
china, small furniture and lamps.

 These images truly gave me pause
as I studied them and noted the
layers of age, history, and modernity
in the styling.

* * *

Hope this finds you well.

*Enter my giveaway which
runs through Christmas*

I am loving having my sons
home from college, baking our traditional
cookies, hosting family, and laughing
more than ever.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Beautiful images, makes me want to curl up with a good glass of wine!!! Just not so early this!

  2. Jippi is all kindza wonderful - peaceful yet not boring. I LOVE all the texture. Also all kindza wonderful is thinking of you with your sons at home, baking, hosting, laughing and loving. Makes me merry just thinking about it! XOXO

  3. Oh my, I could land here for the week and not move!!
    Gorgeous, sweet Michelle!


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