Blogger Inspiration {swoonworthy}

May 28, 2012

Welcome to a chic gem in Manchester, England.

You likey her pillows? She has a shop!

To a sexy girl's guide to turning
an eccentric Edwardian house
into a swoonworthy home,
one DIY step at a time.

Like DIY?

Pretty on the cheap?
Then you will devour
s w o o n w o r t h y,
a blog of wit and whimsy.

A blue foo or two?
You'll be charmed.

whatever you're sellin', i'm buyin', mama!

Did I mention I love this blogger,
Red, and we have become friends?

Red recently changed the mirror
over the mantel in her dining room...

to this burst of lovely!

Another chic transformation by Swoonworthy.

And the gallery wall!

So flattered to see a collage
of mine on the wall of this
British bombshell's home
and invite you to discover her unique
mix of humor, passion, and interior magic.

Is anyone else going ga-ga over her "new" coffee table??????

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. She's adorable, and her house has a wonderful unique style. I like the coffee table, but i LOVE that sofa! In fact the whole living area is awesome. I can't wait to go over to her blog and take a look, and your work is on that fabulous gallery wall???!! Cool!


  2. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog :-) This house is really beautiful! Looks inspiring!

    Love Lisanne

  3. Cool! And very daring compared to the Scandinavian approach to interior decorating. So good with new impulses!

    Love, Nina

  4. Oooh you sweet thing you to grace your heavenly pages with my little humble abode!

    You are too kind and the mutual appreciation society is so very strong.

    Big squidgey hugs and smoochie kisses for you darling xxx

  5. Wow! Redlilocks sure has a fabulous home and I specially like the dining room wall with the TV. beautiful.

  6. Oh how pretty! Her house is so happy and beautiful, and the bar cart is amazing, Michele.
    hank you for sharing. Will definitely visit.
    Happy Tuesday.

  7. What a cool and spunky home! The grey walls add that perfect touch to the pops of color... super fun!!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

  8. Absolutely love the Bar cart and the wonderful print above it!!!! Lots of fun in that apartment!!!

  9. Swooning over here! (That sunburst mirror should really live with me...).

    I love a home with some uniqueness and personality. That takes confidence (and it this case also -- a great design eye).

    Hugs to you both!


  10. Red and her home are both Chic indeed!
    I want to dye my hair, paint my walls gray... oh and buy that coffee table.


  11. Definitely swoon worthy! I like the bar cart and her pink pillows.

  12. dig in her archives and see what they have done to their kitchen too! she's the real thing.


  13. So chic! I love it - original and with flair - thanks for the introduction!


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