Fashion: Vintage bling {$5 fabulous}

May 16, 2012

Sure, I could drone on with a mile long list about
how to realllllly look like you're not
tragically trying to look fashionably chic
with your vintage bling...but honestly
you can hardly make a mistake.
Accessories from yesteryear work
magic when you simply buy what
floats your boat, let go of fear,
experiment, and incorporate pieces
with "now" outfits.
(Brenna Egan, editor of Refinery29
totally gets above by Jeana Sohn)
Still aching for a little encouragement?

Lovely Vintage Rhinestone 'M' Pin...SALE

Slap on a vintage pin
to your sneak, Converse, or bag.
It will make everyone smile.

Visit my little shop of rawrs vintage/handmade
(including the pin above) where you will find 20%
of inventory priced around 5 bucks.
Seriously. I have blogged about
$5 fabulous finds for years and am not
just talking the talk.
LOVELY15 for 15% off, and for YOU I will ship internationally.

stalk stylish streetstyle fashion blogs
like Stockholm Streetstyle or my favorite
(and the source of the swell photos here)
photographer Jeana Sohn's Closet Visit.

Most of the ladies featured on her site
are not household names.
They are succesful, stylish, creative types
with the confidence and generosity of heart
to let you peek at their private stash.


Ohmygosh, what a yummy mix!
Just sold a pumpkin-hued celluloid bracelet like the green one above,
so I'll be on the hunt for more!

* * *
Feel too granny (or too ghetto) when sporting vintage bling?

Think Jeana Sohn will fork over the camera
she used for these stunning photos when
she upgrades?

*shakes magic 8-ball*

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Every girl needs a little bit of bling, right! The vintage finds on my dressing table are always my favorites-I'm going to challenge myself to find a different way to wear my mother's cameo today for a little extra something to my running errands look! XO

  2. My darlin friend with the amazing taste! I want some pretties from your shop but it won't let me purchase them because it says you don't ship internationally :(

    How do I do this?

    Save these for me if I'm not too late:

    Huge French MICHEL DELAIN Paris Designer Scarf (Leopard)...SALE


    1960s BLACK & WHITE Leaf Motif Necklace

    Talk to me baby! I love my vintage necklace and little red/gold bracelet by the way, always feel dead glam when I wear them :)


  3. A little bling is always a good idea in my book. You would have died and gone to heaven if you had spent the week with me at my Mom's. We went through her bazillion pieces of vintage jewelry and organized it. I got to bring home a few pieces. Love it all and you are right all ladies need some vintage bling!! xo Kathysue

  4. Wow! Who doesn't need a little vintage bling? I love my vintage jewelry that family members left me. I am going to get in my jewelry box and find something special. I am also going to go to your shop and find something to put on my wish list.
    Happy Wednesday, sweet Michele.

  5. I love all your bling, but that W on the sneakers just stole my heart. Thanks for the inspiration and the *sigh* today!


  6. gorgeous vintage!!!!! love it!!!! ;)

  7. Love the vintage bling! What a great post! That little pin on the converse... I almost died! What a fab idea! An that sunrise shell ring... OMG. I have a necklace with a sunrise shell on it and they are SO rare... that's a gem if I ever did see one! Love your style lady!

  8. Very pretty bling Michele! I'm so boring that way and NEED TO get it together because I KNOW that accessories are everything. I have a pair of earrings I wear almost everyday {and my wedding bands}. My favorite pieces tend to be those tiny delicate chains and bracelets. You are probably thinking.. OMG why does she wear the same thing every day.. Lol :)

    These are all pretty and I like the rings at the bottom!


  9. i bet you're not boring at all, leslie. i have my daily earrings too and wear the vintage baubles when i'm in the mood. which is how i am with clothes too. not a lot of thought, more mood.

    i've got you covered, baby!


  10. Is that you in the first photo? You have amazing your take on the both the ordinary and not so ordinary. You give a new personality to objects the average person might how you think, you are one heck of a creative stylish cat, Michele!

  11. Love your bling on your converse what a great idea. I want to tell that one lady to get her feet off the sofa but I'm loving her oxfords, I need to get a pair. I've been to your shop and love your jewelry just wish I had reason to wear more.


  12. @debra
    ha! for the record, i would never consider putting my shoes on the sofa...who knows what's on the bottom of those shoes, right?

  13. @debra (again)
    have i told you this? because of all the teens through this place, we make them take off their shoes at the door. at one point i had a little classy sign in the entry that said I LIKE YOU, I DO. I JUST RESENT THE STAPH ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR SHOE. i have problems!

  14. Love the vintage bling on the sneaker, great idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. such gorgeous photos, and really fun ideas! thanks for linking up with Vintage Inspiration!!


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