Around Chicago: Chocolate Cake {Portillo's}

May 22, 2012

Unless you have major objections,
I am considering a slight modification to the blog.

Thinking the site could be devoted
solely to chocolate cake.

Who gets tired of it?
I mean, I just know I can bring
hellolovely sexy and funkyfresh
panache to chocolate cake.

Chocolate cake is a hero.
Say you're nervous about making
dinner for someone, you serve it for dessert
and they feel indebted to you for like ever.

This slice from Portillo's was
(I refuse to explain) and is one of my top picks.
Guessing it is mayonaise-based.
Portillo's is better known for crazygood dogs and beef in Chicago.

Think about the tastings I can
attend and host and how easy
it will be to avoid religion and politics...

ya know?

I love you for breakfast, chocolate cake.

I love you for the other meals too.

A blog devoted to chocolate cake?

That was the day I painted my nails.
Bad call. I am allergic to polish and
lost an entire day of work.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Wow! The choclatecace looks awsome! -Husfruas Memoarer-

  2. Please tell me you woofed down that whole big piece of chocolate cake? I say yes to half a blog about chocolate since I like your other postings as well. It wouldn't hurt on those other postings to shove in at the bottom a little chocolate something just to get me salivating!


  3. Wow... what a great start to visit your blog for the first time... I love chocolate cake :-) You have a new follower :-)

  4. You won't get a protest from me if you want to only talk about chocolate cake...we could be great friends, i do not ever limit my intake of chocolate to certain hours of the day, fat chance. I have it for breakfast if I really want it and if its really gooey and sticky and choclately (the dried out chocolate cake is a waste of calories) and in the middle of the night if i wake up craving it. Hey, the way i see it...lifes too short, and I absolutely cannot imagine my life without chocolate cake!

  5. oh honey, i ate it all.

    chocolate cravings are legendary over here!!!!


  6. Have you had the chocolate cake shake there?! A-Mazing!

  7. ohhhhh yes. i love the shake too. with an italian beef dipped in da juice and stacked with sweet peppers.

    also the cheese fries. this is confession time!


  8. HELLO CHOCOLATE CAKE. Yep, I would be all for a blog totally devoted to this confectionary marvel. However, I may be sending you bills from having to get all of my clothing altered after eating my body weight in chocolate cake after visiting your blog daily.

    I assure you, it would be totally worth it.

    Nom nom nom! xxx

  9. That chocolate cake looks wonderful! The nails are great too (too bad about that), and your commentary with your pics... I'd say this is a winner as far as a topic for a blog! I love everything chocolate!

  10. I just "googled" the recipe...yup, mayo! Looks like it's breakfast for me! franki

  11. I am on board with you here!! Love, love chocolate cake and I agree, who doesn't love a good chocolate cake. Now I need some chocolate.
    Posted some of my jewelry organizing tips on my blog. You will see some of the pretties I got on your Etsy shop displayed.
    xo Kathysue

  12. From one chocolate lover to another ... I say let them eat (chocolate) cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! :) and I absolutely think chocolate posts should be done on the regular basis. When it comes to ingredients ... Butter, mayo, anything laddened with fat should work :) and isn't a little chocolate supposed to have health benefits? :)


  13. Oh yes that chocolate cake is legendary! I do hear there is mayo in it...
    I definitely would have cake for breakfast...and then I would have cheese fries for lunch!

  14. Yes! I think you should do that right away and it'll be my refuge from the big bat diet world.

    Also, have a new button in my blog, you can replace the old one with the new :) Have included the code. But why do your button say the image has been removed? I grabbed it on my side bar and it doesnt show! Am I the only one facing this?

    Love, rukmini

  15. Yeah, babeeeee... Chocolate cake is a hero!!! :-) Love that!

    I love chocolate cakes.. I love anything sweet, really... but this... this seems to be so rich. Yummoooo! :-)

    I hope you're feeling better w/ the allergic reaction you had.

    Wishing you a wonderful day, sweetie.


    Luciane at

  16. You're killing me here! I want that cake! There is just nothing better, Michele!!
    Now I have to go find my own piece of chocolate cake!
    Happy Wednesday.

  17. Oooh, yes, I'm in!! I can never get enough chocolate cake photos!! I can smell that chocolatey loveliness from here!! Mmmmm.... glad you can't see me drool!


  18. Great, just when I started my diet!!!! I am dying now!!! That looked too delicious!

  19. That is the most seductive looking piece of chocolate cake in the world, i'm dyin looking at it. and ...You're allergic to nail polish?


  20. Oooh, yes! Chocolate cake always makes me smile. Yum!

  21. LLoooVVe Chocolate cake, ::) thxs for visiting my blog.

    A big hug from Sweden

  22. That chocolate cake looks good. I am a fan of Portillo's! Love the food, all their sandwiches and hot dogs are delicious!

    Have a fabulous holiday weekend!



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