Blogger Inspiration {Velvet and Linen}

May 01, 2012


The Gianetti's design work and
gorgeous sanctuary of a site 
with its gorgeous Patina Style
has been charming the pants off
of this blogger

Saladino Powder
melting just now.

since the dawn of blogalization,
of sidebarization even!

Since before joining ranks in blogademia
in that simpler time when hours were
spent exploring splendid willows
and Belgian pearls.

*smiling to self knowing additional blog-wordplay
is in this post's future, and there's absolutely nothing you
can do about it*

Earth to hellolovely!

This is a post about loveliness...
about Velvet and Linen.

The blogarazzi need to be alerted
the Gianettis
will join an elite crew at
Legends: Windows to the World.

Love Brooke's work?

Then by all means, keep scrolling
and refer to previous bloggage
of the Gianetti's dreamy book
Patina Style.



(Had to re-post this image from Velvet and Linen's archives
because this Paris fleamarket destination inspired the Gianetti's
window display at Windows to the World and is at the top
of my list of tres chic places to visit in October while in Paris.)

Veranda 103



Oh no, her shop did NOT just tease me with marmalade crocks.



photos - Velvet and Linen

I love the whole concept of
windows to the world,
which are what I believe
the most inspiring blogs
across the galaxy
aspire to be.


Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. look. swoon. drool. forget.
    hello sadness! :D

  2. Loooooooooove their work, each and every picture made my heart go pitter patter. And your word play on blogabulary...brilliant as only you Michele can do! Hope you have a blogilicious day, my friend:)

  3. Michele,
    Brooke and her husband are so talented! They have a wonderful eye for all things beautiful! I admire them! And they are gorgeous and kind people!
    And thank you my dear friend for featuring me here!!

  4. Really?
    I'm Blushing from ear to ear!
    Thank you so much for this incredible post Michele!
    This is what I love about blogging... the connection to like minded, generous, positive, design obsessed people like you!

    Big Hugs and Kisses (see below)!!!

    xo xo xo

  5. Very talented couple indeed! I have their book and refer to it all the time.

  6. Had to laugh at
    the marmalade
    comment, as I am
    actually on the prowl
    for one, now!!!

    I have admired V&L
    for a long time. It's
    wonderful to see all of
    the success coming
    their way : )

    Happy Wednesday,
    xo Suzanne

  7. Oui, Oui!

    She is one talented and lovely lady that Brooke. I have been stalking her so much that she probably thinks I am a complete nutcase... But I really dig her a ton. She has the best design eye but she is also very grounded and has not let her tremendous success get to her head.

    And we both get giddy around good Swedish antiques! (:

    What a lovely post, Michele!

    Hugs to you super girl.


  8. You're so funny, i loved the word play, and i see why Giannetti is charming the pants off of you, did you see those blue velvet pillows! I, for one, am quite a fan of velvet, it's yummy, and soft, and everything good... and then paired with my other favorite, linen, what could be better than that!? All those photos have sucked me in, everything looks so real, and touched by life... i'm goin over...


  9. Love Brooks blog and what a nice lady!

  10. Wow! I'll have to go check it out!

  11. Goodness!! What a delightful blog you have here. Thanks for stopping by my place and inviting me.

    Oh ... I will be back.

  12. i so love the timelessness and thought put into their spaces. there is a lived in lovely and understated lovely that all of us can learn from!


  13. Love Brooke and her blog, she is such an endearing person with more talent in her baby fingernail than I could ever aspire to have. Love your new play on words, genius-licious!! xo kathysue

  14. Thanks for stopping by and the invite! I'm enjoying your blog!
    Now I got to pay a visit to Velvet and Linen too!

  15. oh my.. that is just gorgeous.. the first picture.. and the sinks and the way the french doors were used.. i am bursting with inspiration

  16. Isn't she amazing?! Or they, I should say!! I dream of being able to buy their house, I'm sure it sold in an hour...incredible!!!

  17. so well deserved! brooke and steve have propelled to the highest of levels in the minds of so many. they will be known as the master class of this era, don't you think?
    thanks for this post, had no idea that windows on the world existed, imagine attending......sigh

  18. I absolutely adore the work they do and love each page of their book...stunning!! I can remember seeing her office when she first posted it and loved everything about it...such a talented duo!!

  19. I love what i see.

    Tank you for visiting my blogg.

    Have a nice weekend!


  20. I admire their work so much - it all has such a soft look without being overly feminine, which I find just perfect!

  21. I'm a follower of their blog but haven't looked in for a while, it's lovely to see their amazing style again. Thanks for the inspiration !

  22. Brooke makes has magic happen everywhere she and Steve appear. Her style is so soothing, comforting, and unique!

    I have featured an Interview with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


    Art by Karena

  23. Beautiful post, Michele! I love all of these gorgeous images. Steve and Brooke are very talented.

  24. Wow, absolutely old-world-stylee stunning!! I am absolutely in love with the bathroom. Beautiful, simply beautiful!


  25. Um...yeah...Brook is pretty much "blogtastic" if you ask me. And her book...well the pages are dogeared from looking at it so much.


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