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May 05, 2012

Let's get right to it, shall we?

feel free to leap like me and sis here

Buckle up, Paris.

My groom and I are descending upon you
in October to celebrate 25 years of marriage.
Together 28 years, and this will be our first trip to Europe!

I'll share more travel details later if you insist.

Sterling Signed T2 Refractive Hologram Earrings, 1940s
1940s Hologram Earrings

In related news...

It occurs to me I'll need to save dough for zee trip
as I want to taste a little of everything.

Hence, fabulous new finds
offered at my little store
(where business has been a.w.e.s.o.m.e,
and you can score 15% off at checkout
with code LOVELY 15.).

Lookie at these galactic lovely earrings above!?!

Sterling Signed T2 Refractive Hologram Earrings, 1940s

Even the screw side is beautiful
with its frenchy butterscotchy hue...

1940s BUTTERSCOTCH Bangles and Belt Beauties
bangles and belt bling

which also shows up in this chic ensemble.

Vintage HERMES Silk Scarf Upholstered Headband, Equestrian Theme
vintage Hermes silk scarf upholstered headband

There are assorted petit surprises at the shop aussi.

INCREDIBLE Signed TRIFARI Gold and Faux Pearl Earrings
Vintage Trifari earrings

Tres affordable and only
'looks like you spent a fortune' bling
in: gold...

PUCCINI Silver Earrings 1950s
Signed Puccini earrings


COPPER Cuff & Earrings by the Lovely RENOIR 1950s
Renoir signed earrings & copper cuff

 and copper...

KILLER Copper Vintage Bracelets 1950s
1950s copper duo

(oooooooh, mommy, did we forget
about copper)!?????!

Original Mixed Media Collage...FLY

Even a few raw-from-the-soul
mixed media collages by moi
created on the inside of...

Original Mixed Media Collage...FLY

vintage discarded books.

Omg, peddling makes me big time dizzy,
and we could use a drink after all that.


Talk to me about PARIS!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Seems to be a fun-filled anniversary trip to Paris, plans made. I know that you are excited!
    My daughter and I are going when she graduates a year from now. She has been and speaks French. Can't wait. You will have to make a list of favorite places for us.

  2. oooh la la...more details please! i have never been to Gay Paris...sniff, sniff :(
    i will live vicariously through you...
    congrats on the upcoming anniversary and trip!

  3. Hi sweety:)
    25 ?? That is so nice..we have 15 in August..and still in love..
    And you know what? We are going to Paris on Thursday.
    Cant wait!!
    Happy Sunday to you .

  4. I´ve never been but I sure want to! :-)

  5. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  6. Paris was not what I expected, but it has grown on me since I've been there (does that make sense?). I loved the boutique hotel where I stayed with my daughter. Loved wandering around the streets. Loved finding the fabric district and the Saturday antiques markets. And the food! Oh my, the food! You'll have so much fun.

  7. Oui are headed to will never leave you. Once there you are cast under its spell, I promise! SO exciting and I cannot imagine a more wonderful place to celebrate the tremendous accomplishment of being married for 25 years! Congrats Michele and all the new baubles are so that you don't see them coming and going, one of a kind. Wore my beautiful spoon pin the other night to a cooking party and it was the talk of the party, everyone LOVED it!

  8. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary, Michele! How so wonderful going to Paris to celebrate! I'll be waiting for the details. Have Fun!

  9. i cannot wait, friends!

    was just listing more stuff at my shop, and in writing every description i kept thinkin "very french" which is crazy since i identify so much with that culture but have never been!


  10. Merveilleux!! (But tell me, how can it be 25 years of marriage when you don't look much older than 25 years yourself?!)

  11. Michele, what a fabulous way to celebrate. As you know we will be going in the Fall also. Maybe I can tell you more when we get back since it is my first trip there also. So excited!!! Love all the goodies I have purchased from you wonderful Etsy shop, love one of a kind aspect and vintage on top of that!! xo Kathysue

  12. @rebecca


    ohmilord i have a son the age my husband was when we married and another one the age he was when we started dating. we could not wait to start a life together and are still those crazy kids!

  13. Michele! So exited for you! We are going the first week of July to celebrate.. 30 years of marriage :) I'm starting to shop for things to wear and plan the details of our trip. Can't wait to shop and eat my way through Paris! It will be fun to hear about your plans. I did a post back in February - "it's complicated" regarding our Paris trip.

    Love all your pics!

  14. You are going to love Paris! How wonderful you are going even better to celebrate your marriage. I can't wait to hear more details. You are really loading up your shop with some fabulous goodies. I'm off for a look see.


  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I've been all over Europe but, bizarrely, I've NEVER BEEN to Paris. Ridiculous, non?

    So excited for you to taste a bit of Europe - it's so beautiful! Want to see LOTS AND LOTS of pics so I can live vicariously through you ;) xxx

  17. I know you'll love everything about Paris Michèle , even the french ;)
    Nicolas ne sera plus là, mais François t'accuiellera à bras ouverts ! Have a wonderful trip and congratulations !

  18. thanks, rudi. if we can look half as stylish as you in the city, we will be just fine!

    i think you need to stop by for a glass of wine, and i guess there's a tower there that's cool too. :)

  19. Lucky, lucky, lucky you! I bet you'll find more beautiful things like this in Paris!!! How exciting. Thanks so much for your sweet, supportive comment today - I'd be honored if you'd feature of my products! Send me an email when you're ready and we can talk it over - thanks so much!!!

  20. M, I have only
    been ONCE, with
    my hubby, for
    our 10th wedding
    anniversary : ) Since
    we hit the big 2-5
    last September, I'd
    say we are due for
    another trip soon,
    oui?? SO excited
    for you ~ you are
    going to love it!!

    Off to scrabble up
    some wine to toast
    to you both.....

    xo Suzanne

  21. The most perfect place to celebrate an anniversary ;)

  22. Paris! That's soooo cool, and you've been married 25 years! THAT's romantic. Did you get married when you were 12!!?? Anyway, love the photo of you, you're so freakin pretty, and i'm excited for you about your trip...


  23. Congratulations on your anniversary - and trip to Paris... I've never been to Paris... sigh. One day.

    Lovely finds in the shop!

  24. Just popped over from Design Chic!!! Love your blog and am so excited for your anniversary trip to Paris!!! Lunch or dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Angelina's for their famous hot chocolate, after a day of shopping on the Right Bank. On the Left Bank...loved Recamier for the worlds most delicious souffles.

    The Rodin museum and garden is sublime.

    Have so much fun!
    xo Elizabeth

  25. Ah....Paris! 28 years ain't no small task either...congrats!

  26. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


Your comments add to the beauty...thanks in advance for your kindness.


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